June 6, 2022 | 13 min read | WordPress |

7 Reasons Every Small Business Needs a Website

Today, it is vital that your business has an online presence to help provide existing and potential customers with current information, from opening times to the newest products. Ignoring the impact of an online brand and not having a functional website means you could miss out on a significant number of leads and that you […]

March 31, 2022 | 15 min read | WordPress |

How to Build a Portfolio Website Using WordPress

In today’s digital world, having an easy-to-access portfolio of work is a must-have for creative specialists, such as writers, designers, photographers, and more. Fortunately, building a portfolio website doesn’t have to be a time-intensive, costly endeavor. Compared to traditional portfolios, there’s no need to spend on paper, print, ink, which can be quite expensive for […]

December 3, 2021 | 12 min read | WordPress |

How To Take Your Small Business to the Next Level With WordPress

Starting a WordPress website for your business is no longer a question of “should you”, but instead “why aren’t you”. Today, WordPress runs on approximately 65.2% of all websites with a known CMS (content management system), and 42.6% of all websites in the world (including those with a custom CMS or without one). Why not […]

August 31, 2021 | 6 min read | WordPress |

Things to Do After WordPress Installation

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used contact management software (CMS), free of cost, open-sourced and written in PHP and paired with MySQL and MariaDB database. Today, WordPress has become the simplest and most popular way to create a website or blog for both personal and business purposes. With the help of […]

August 30, 2021 | 8 min read | WordPress |

WordPress Security Tips: How to Keep WordPress Website Safe

You might have put so much work into launching your WordPress site and may think that it is finally time to catch a breath. But guess what? You are still not completely done. The growth of the internet has seen the emergence of malicious cybercriminals who are keen on finding any possible vulnerabilities to infiltrate […]

December 16, 2020 | 12 min read | WordPress |

Top 6 WordPress Food Blog Themes

In the food market, WordPress is the leading website builder. WordPress is suitable for building engaging food websites and for sharing recipes. There are two types of WordPress; WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com is a platform that is hosted while WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform. WordPress.org is the recommended platform for a food and recipe blog. […]

November 30, 2020 | 9 min read | WordPress |

WordPress Optimization: Get the Best Performance

WordPress refers to the content Management system on which websites are created and maintained. WordPress offers great backend features that enable your website to run and function properly. Thus, many things happen in the background that is likely to slow down your website and increase its load time leading. WordPress optimization is vital because it […]

November 25, 2020 | 10 min read | WordPress |

What are WordPress Tags and How to Best Use Them?

What are Tags on WordPress Blog? A tag is a default tool in WordPress for categorizing your WordPress posts. There can be multiple tags in your post for visitors to click to locate similar posts using the same tag. When you consider WordPress categories vs tags, the difference is your tags are optional. This means […]

November 24, 2020 | 8 min read | WordPress |

Top 5 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Services

WordPress refers to an open-source website creation interface that uses MYSQL database and is written using PHP. A person can manipulate its contents by adding, updating or changing information. The internet powers WordPress. WordPress platforms have different traffic levels and require different expertise; thus for one to ensure their platform is performing at optimum enlisting […]

November 9, 2020 | 13 min read | WordPress |

Tips To Seamlessly Migrate Your WordPress Site

If you have chosen a good hosting provider, you will not have to migrate your website. Unfortunately, not all hosts provide the same quality of service. If you make the wrong choice, eventually you will need to migrate your WordPress site. This process is not as complicated as you may believe. The process is fairly […]

October 30, 2020 | 12 min read | WordPress |

Top 5 Testimonial Plugins for WordPress 2021

You have probably purchased a product or used a service by what your friends and family say about it. A significant percentage of people will trust word of mouth as a source of information. Statistically, word of mouth as a source of marketing in business is widespread. You may have met or used this form […]

October 28, 2020 | 10 min read | WordPress |

How To Set Up and Use Cloudflare On WordPress

What is the Cloudflare WordPress Plugin? In addition to being a powerful plugin, Cloudflare is a popular WordPress firewall and CND service. Cloudflare provides users with a free CDN to increase your website speed. You also receive a powerful suite of security features for your small business site. The free WordPress plugin improves your SEO, […]

October 25, 2020 | min read | WordPress |

Tips to Customizing Your WordPress Backend

WordPress as Backend Only You have most likely realized themes are essential for WordPress. This is how you customize your WordPress website front. No matter which design you choose, there is a corresponding theme. What you may not realize is you can customize your WordPress backend as well. Even though they are not nearly as […]

October 25, 2020 | 15 min read | WordPress |

How to Create a WordPress Website for Beginners

Why You Should Create a WordPress Website For beginners who are creating their first websites, it is important to choose the right website platform. WordPress offers an innovative and versatile platform designed to meet the needs of varied types of websites. Whether you need a business website for your new digital products sales company, blog […]

October 23, 2020 | 13 min read | WordPress |

Customize Your WordPress Theme: Success In The Details

How to Customize WordPress Theme for Beginners One of the most popular CMS or content management systems you will find is WordPress. More than one-third of the internet is currently running on WordPress. One of the key reasons for the popularity is exceptional flexibility. You can use the CMS to create and customize almost any […]

October 17, 2020 | 22 min read | WordPress |

What are the Best SEO Plugins for WordPress in 2021?

In this season and era that the world has become digitized, website owners must use Search Engine optimization to get their content viewed on the web. With a significant percentage of internet users searching content and products, companies, and websites have realized the golden ticket that SEO holds.  It is now essential to use unique […]

October 17, 2020 | 12 min read | WordPress |

How To Deal With a Hacked WordPress Site

How To Deal With a Hacked WordPress Site When you run a WordPress website, hacking is a very real possibility. Hackers exploit weak points in the WordPress system to gain access to your site files — usually, their goal is to redirect your traffic or insert ads to boost their own earnings. Dealing with your […]

October 14, 2020 | 16 min read | WordPress |

Actual Costs Associated with WordPress

How Much Does it Cost to Use WordPress? Improving SEO for your WordPress website is essential. Although you can download and use WordPress absolutely free, there are additional charges for more in-depth services you need to consider. There are six necessary costs before you are able to have a live site including charges for your […]