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Tips to Crafting the Most Persuasive SaaS Blog

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Tips to Crafting the Most Persuasive SaaS Blog

Read time 8 min read
Tips to Crafting the Most Persuasive SaaS Blog

Improve your content marketing + SEO in 60 seconds! Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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There are different types of blogs. SaaS blogs are among the many types, meaning software as a service. It allows access to data from any given device using internet connection. The method involves software that is hosted on an online platform. Customers can access SaaS through API or web browsers.

Like any other type of blog, this type of blog needs to be created well and marketed. There are particular factors to consider when building a blog. It is one thing to write a blog and another thing to have a well established and interactive blog. SaaS blogging is about software. People who buy software tend to do a lot of research before they purchase. It is, therefore, important to have a well detailed blog. Content is a marketing aspect for blogging.

How to create a good SaaS blog

Have a good template or design

You can use templates to help you write blogs more easily. The templates could be newsmags or even a newspaper. They guide you on how to place and format your content. Use of templates is efficient, especially when you are a beginner since most of them are free. You manage to have well designed blogs at no cost. Hiring a professional designer might be costly for you at the beginning.

The template and design you choose should be relevant to your theme and focus. Different designs signify different things. Choose a theme and template that does not confuse your customers. The template should be simple for the viewers to easily understand the flow of content. A good design will attract viewers more and persuade a person to want to engage with your blog. Here are a few examples of simple website templates:

Tips to Crafting the Most Persuasive SaaS Blog

(Image Credit: Colorlib)

Know your target audience

A blog is like a business. Your niche and content should target a particular audience. The audience acts like your market. Knowing your target audience helps you to choose your content and wordings well. Your target audience will guide you in selecting your keywords and the focus of your blog.

In making your blog more persuasive, carry out some research about your target audience. Get to know what they like about the particular industry and what they do not like. Understand what they desire that is still not available. This is where you should place your focus.

This insight in business is very important as it shows you the gap in your market. It should help you to focus on filling that gap. By doing so, you create a relevance for yourself in your blogging. SaaS blogging focuses on software and there is a wide range of content that can be created. Make use of search engines to know what customers are searching for more.

Write topics and content for them; content that attracts your readers. This way, they are interested to read beyond the topic and to also engage with your work.

Research on appropriate keywords

When you know your target audience, research on what they desire to read about in your type of blog. You can use search engines such as Google for this information. Create a search for some words and optimized words will pop up. These are the words that people search for the most. They should guide you in knowing what customers want the most. Writing on commonly searched words as your keywords is an effective way of writing a persuasive blog.

This kind of research is like carrying out business market research. You are doing this to identify the gaps that exist in your target market. These gaps are what your blog should try to fill. That which customers desire should guide you in choosing the most appropriate keywords for your blog.

For SaaS blogging, keywords may include:

  • project collaboration
  • project management software
  • team communication

Thanks to technology advancement, there are various keyword research tools that you can use to better your research. Among the best marketing experts and common tools are Ahrefs, Keyword tool and Google Keyword Planner. Using these tools, you will give you strong keywords that will market you better. For example, here is Google’s Keyword Planner:

Tips to Crafting the Most Persuasive SaaS Blog

(Image Credit: Ahrefs)

You will be interested

Have a content strategy

At this stage, you already have your target audience and understand the keywords that they regularly search for. These are enough to enable you to start planning your content calendar. Have a list of 10 to 20 keywords that you intend to write on. Plan when you intend to publish each topic and its content. Content strategy is your entire plan towards a successful and persuasive blog.

Plan your list of keywords and titles using tools such as Trello and Google Sheets. This helps you to plan your strategy in a more orderly way. Avoid writing without a strategy as your work will be random. For instance, a blog can have varying content, such as SaaS marketing blog. In blogging, just like in business, there is an appropriate time and season for particular products and in this case, its content.

FACTS: 70% of businesses prioritize content quality over quantity. In fact, 56% of businesses reported they want to increase their content creation spending. (siegemedia)

Starting Your Blog: Factors to Consider

It is not enough to simply have a SaaS blog. You need to have quality in your writing to ensure you get a good audience. Quality writing takes into consideration a number of factors.

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For example “www.diib.com”

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  • logo
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Content Marketing

1. Creativity in selecting topics

Your topic is what readers view first when they search for content. The topic should boost the keywords that you choose. It is like a step by step process, starting from the keyword. The keyword guides the audience to the topic. It is the topic that determines whether a reader will be interested to read your blog or not.

Have varying topics that attract the attention of your readers. Even with a particular content focus, varying your topics helps you to attract a wide range of audience. Some random visitors to your side may end up being frequent visitors and clients in future.

How you set your topics shows whether you are an expert in your field or not. Upon searching keywords using a search engine, the topic determines whether viewers will open your blog or not. Searching is random and your topic will market you more depending on how well you structure it. Ensure that your topic is short and detailed enough. Include your chosen keywords in your hot SaaS article title and make it captivating.

It is also advisable to select topics that you are familiar with or that interest you. This is one of the issues that affect many bloggers. Avoid going for topics that you have no knowledge about. This will mean that you are writing from research findings. This makes you no different from your customers. Go for topics that you are confident about. This will help you generate reliable information for your blog.

Understand that there are readers who are knowledgeable enough to know when a blog has shallow content. You don’t want the target audience to take you for an amateur SaaS blogger.

Did you know??? 91% of consumers are prepared to reward brands for their authenticity. (siegemedia)

There is plenty of content that you can write in your blog. Based on the topics you create, have content that informs your readers and also entertains them. These blog contents can be very heavy in terms of content. Find a way to make the SaaS content as simple as possible for your readers.

Do your research before you write your blog content. This ensures that you have accurate information as you write. Research also makes you more knowledgeable and you are able to write content that is deeply informative.

When people read your content for the first time, ensure that it is worth wanting to read again. Your content should ensure that it meets the demand of the topic. A topic is like a promise given to clients and in this case, readers. Deliver your title to the readers well in the content. When you have hot SaaS content, readers become clients, they refer you and rate you well.

2. Be precise and clear

When readers search for information online, they want information that directly gives them what they are looking for. For this reason, write your blog content in a straightforward manner. Generally, let your content be straight to the point.

Avoid long sentences in your writing. Your paragraphs should also be short. This helps you to capture only what is important. You also avoid a lot of irrelevant words that can easily be avoided. When you include a lot of unclear wording in your content, readers will have a hard time to understand your content. This will lead to less engagement in your blog and first readers may not return.

3. Use images in your blog

Try to include relevant images in your blog. Images make the presentation of your work appear more appealing. Images act as a relief point for word content. Images are also used to demonstrate a particular point. They capture the eyes of readers faster when used correctly. For example, the image below shows an image that describes the text above it:

Tips to Crafting the Most Persuasive SaaS Blog

4. Content layout

You build the content of your blog based on the topic you choose. Break down your topic in an orderly way from the start to the end. SaaS content is complex and it should be clear and well planned.

Avoid placing points randomly in your article. Have your content well presented for all readers. Those who read your content with zero knowledge on SaaS should be able to understand a point or two based on your content presentation. Plan the order of your points or content before you start writing.

5. Be consistent in your blog

As you begin to blog, you will most likely be keen on doing what is right. Your viewers, as you start out, would like to engage with your blog for a particular reason. That reason could be short and clear topics or fun content. It may also be your blog structure or the informative content that you write on.

You need to maintain the quality and structure of your blog. Your readers get accustomed to your work over time. It would create confusion to your readers when you abruptly change your structure or tone of writing or any other factor about your blog. This could make you lose customers. If your blog is a SaaS marketing blog, maintain it at that. Consistency is, therefore, an important factor in keeping your customers and readers at your site.

6. Edit your blog before publishing

Do not underestimate the power of errors when it comes to blogging. Before you publish your work, go through it keenly. Check out for grammatical errors or any other mistakes that you may have made.

The good thing is that there are other ways to help you edit your work to fix grammatical errors. Run your work through platforms such as Grammarly to take care of grammatical mistakes.

As you go through your work, place yourself in the position of your reader or customer. Read through to see whether your content is relevant or needs editing. Make changes where you have to. It is such a turn off when a reader opens your blog, only to find some errors or omissions in the content. It shows to the reader that the blogger is not keen or careful.

Promoting your blog

Running a blog is like running a business. You need to reach and engage many people using an enterprise SaaS marketing strategy. Your blog will thrive through people and therefore, writing good quality blogs is not enough. You need to promote your work to reach people.

Growth marketing blog is important just like in business. The good thing is that promoting a blog has become quite easy nowadays. Some of the best SaaS marketing strategies include:

1. Social media marketing. 

Based on your target audience, there are a number of ways to reach a bigger target audience through social media. SaaS blogs will mainly attract the attention of an audience like LinkedIn and Twitter. Have a presence on such platforms and share your content. Share it as much as you can and promote your posts. Promoting your posts on social media may be one of the best SaaS marketing methods. It means that you reach more people. This also boosts your SEO.

Tips to Crafting the Most Persuasive SaaS Blog

2. Promote your blog using web tools.

Online tools, like Twitter Cards, can help make your work easily accessible by your target audience. Through such tools, you reach more people and increase your interaction with your audience.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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3. Partner with an influencer

Another way to carry out a growth marketing blog is the use of influencers. An influencer is someone who attracts a very huge following online. Such people’s posts reach a lot of people. This makes brands and businesses use influencers to promote their work and products.

It is an easy way of reaching more people and building clientele for your SaaS blog. The influencer should be someone who is influential. It could be a video vixen, a dancer, a socialite or celebrity. It is also important for you to do your research on the influencer you wish to work with. This is so because some influencers may lead you to losses other than building your blog. Avoid influencers that are controversial. You do not want their controversies to affect your blog and brand.

FACT: 64% of content marketers prioritize building relationships with influencers, like brand advocates and journalists.  (siegemedia)

4. Content Marketing

This is one of the leading ways for businesses to build and market their brand. It is an appropriate enterprise SaaS marketing strategy. Through content marketing, you attract more visitors to your site. You also get to generate leads through this way.

Content marketing is good because it contains a compounding power of return. This power increases in value as time goes by, similar to smart investment. Through content marketing, your blog content continues to gain more leads for you. Generally, content marketing treats your content as a business asset. Online advertising could be rented. However, this kind of marketing is different and more ideal for SaaS bloggers. Some of the successful SaaS businesses use content to generate successful leads. They include:


Intercom is a client communication service company. It uses content marketing while focused on startups, product management, design and marketing. Through focusing on content, the company has grown to be a leading communication provider when it comes to books, podcasts and inside intercom blogs. Through these strongholds, the company continues to gain more leads.


Dropbox is a file storage and sharing platform. Using targeted content, the platform attracts a wide range of customers. Its clientele ranges from businesses to developers, and more.

5. Carrying out Product Trials

For the SaaS industry, the product trial strategy is fast becoming a way of generating productive sales. The strategy entails carrying out a test drive on your content. You can easily carry out the trial using features on your site. If, for instance, your blog attracts a tech-savvy audience, you can have the audience experience your product without having to speak to one of your sales agents. For example:

Tips to Crafting the Most Persuasive SaaS Blog

(Image Credit: Beamer)

Building a good blog takes time. The factors of having a good blog, however, are mainly constant. Take time and follow all the necessary steps towards having a well engaged audience for your blog.

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SaaS, or Software as a Service, is software that runs in the cloud and is accessed through a web browser. Customers create an account to subscribe to the service.

WordPress.org is wonderful for free blogging sites. As a free platform, you’ll need to build the site yourself. While you can find some free WordPress hosting, a better long-term strategy is to pay a moderate amount for a solid WordPress host.

To make your blog easy to read, make sure you have a clear beginning, middle and end. Utilize clear formatting techniques like ordered and unordered lists, headlines, subheadings ect.

This is a way of delivering apps on the internet. These applications are sometimes called web-based software, on-demand software or hosted software. They also run on a SaaS provider’s server.

Compared to larger IT in-house projects, SaaS is relatively fast and easy. In point of fact, Harvard Business Review reported that the head of marketing at a major credit card company was “like a kid in a candy store when told it would take only five weeks to get a cloud application running.


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