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SaaS Marketing Strategies for Superior Results

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SaaS Marketing Strategies for Superior Results

Read time 9 min read
SaaS Marketing Strategies for Superior Results

Test your SEO in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best SEO tools in the world. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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SaaS refers to Software as a Service. You gain the ability to connect to cloud-based apps you can use online. This means the use of an application can be hired for your business to enable your users to connect online. This is generally accomplished with a browser. SaaS is the method used for marketing this type of software as services. If your business is offering SaaS to other companies, there are a few targeting marketing strategies essential to receive the highest possible conversion rates.

Starting SaaS Business Marketing

To make certain your buyers select the right platform, you must ensure they have enough information. Your content is incredibly important to take your prospects through the entire buyer’s journey. SaaS business marketing helps make certain they purchase your products or services once the journey is complete. This type of marketing requires information. The majority of buyers make comparisons between several different suppliers and products before selecting a SaaS platform.

This means the only way to ensure your potential buyers make the choice you want is to ensure they have all the information required to make the right decision. This means making a purchase from your company. If packages with different pricing options are available through your competitor’s websites, you need to offer them as well. Publishing more content than any of your competitors ensures your customers are well informed and understand exactly what they need.

Offering Free Trial Periods

Every consumer and business enjoys getting something for free. This can be anything from a free hot dog from a vendor to a free SaaS trial. One of the best marketing strategies you can use when working with new SaaS customers or for your introductory sales is to offer a free trial period. There are many different types of free models including:

  • Freemium model
  • 30-day free trial
  • Limited free version (Image Below)
  • Trial version with required credit card information

SaaS Marketing Strategies for Superior Results

(Image Credit: Sixteen Ventures)

One of the best ways to run your marketing is by offering your product at no cost. You need to develop a strategy to make certain you earn a profit from the individuals obtaining your product for free.

Ensuring Your SaaS Sells By Itself

SaaS does not have to be complicated despite the concept. You will still need to consider everything capable of impacting your bottom line including your cost per lead and cost for acquiring each new customer. There are specific aspects you also need to consider including offering a great product, providing the best customer support possible and offering high-quality content.

This will help decrease the number of support questions received from your customers. Once you have everything you need in place, it becomes much easier to ensure your SaaS works by itself. You can use automation to make your Saas even more effective.

Strong Social Media Presence

You need to make certain your social media presence is strong. This will ensure you remain visible through the social media sites where the majority of your customers are coming from. For proper marketing, building relationships with your potential customers is important. Creating online polls is one way to interact with your customers, for example:

SaaS Marketing Strategies for Superior Results

When you use valuable content to show your knowledge, skill and expertise, you begin attracting organic visitors. You can also specifically target your advertisements to your target audience by using social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Did you know? There are over 80 million small businesses using Facebook’s free business tools. (Hubspot)

Website Optimization for Conversions

Your potential customers will be all over your homepage. No matter where they are, you need to make certain a conversion option is available. A CTA or call to action is an effective option for directing your visitors between the different pages of your website. Your CTA should ask your visitor to do something specific including:

  • Subscribe to your blog
  • Start a free trial with or without credit card information
  • Follow your business on social media
  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Download a report

Your blog posts should always have relevant content your visitors can download regarding what they are reading. For visitors not reading your entire post, you can use one CTA at the bottom of your post and a second in the middle. Use your content for educating and enlightening your buyers. Make certain you nurture them as well so they are one step closer to making a purchase.

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SaaS Marketing Strategy for Qualified Leads

One of the best SaaS strategies you can use for lead generation is content marketing. Posting website content of the highest quality relevant to the needs of your target audience effectively provides you with additional site visitors. Creating or finding unique content on a regular basis can be difficult. There are helpful tools available online to help you find content with the highest level of performance. This enables the creation of relevant content to improve your online traffic.

You will be interested

You also gain the ability to locate influencers within your niche. You can then reach out and request a partnership. You can attract your target audience by writing on topics relevant to your industry and using the right keywords to optimize your content. Keep in mind you will need more than just text content. Visual content is just as important as text. Your landing pages determine if your efforts for lead generation are successful.

Your landing pages need to be designed to push your visitors into providing you with information. Since content marketing is so effective, a lot of SaaS companies started creating their own blogs. This enables them to use their content as an important part of their marketing strategies. When you run a blog, you can become established as a thought leader in your industry. The other advantage is the generation of qualified leads.

Displaying Your Price Options Clearly

Anyone experienced with SaaS already knows sales are directly affected by pricing. Your SaaS pricing is an important factor for your customers and their final decisions. You need to make certain your pricing is clear and upfront. Your pricing page needs to be designed to enable potential customers to make a quick decision as to whether they can afford your product. One of your most effective options is including three pricing plans to enable your potential customers to make an informed decision. For example:

SaaS Marketing Strategies for Superior Results

(Image Credit: Baremetrics)

Offering Attractive Deals

One of the oldest and best SaaS strategies is creating attractive deals for your customers. You want to give them an incentive to select a plan with a longer-term. Numerous SaaS companies deliberately offer a discount on plans for a longer-term as an incentive for potential customers. The idea is to clearly show your potential customers how much money they can save by choosing a better deal.

Generating Additional Leads with SEO

One of the best strategies you can use for your lead generation is SEO. Search engine optimization works along with content marketing to bring additional visitors to your website. You are also ensuring your site is visible to the audience you are targeting. On-page techniques for SEO were created to help you improve the search rankings of your site by making certain consumers conducting searches related to your company can see your website.

SEO can also be used to drive referral traffic and for building quality backlinks. There are online tools available to help with your SEO efforts. These types of tools help you build backlinks, track rankings and find keywords. Many also include an on-page SEO checker. These tools will detect errors by crawling your website. You can then fix any issues as quickly as possible.

Easy Sign-Ups

Removing all possible hurdles is critical if you want more visitors trying your SaaS products. The most important step is making your sign-up process as simple as possible. Although you can require credit card details for your free trial, this can also chase many of your potential customers away. A study was conducted showing using a three-step sign-up form increased conversions by 30 percent.

The older three-step forms required a lot of information. The good news is you can find new three-step forms with a little over 10 fields required for completion of the sign-up process. If you want your SaaS to be successful, consider using a simple sign-up form. For instance:

SaaS Marketing Strategies for Superior Results

Running Your PPC Campaign

Both SEO and content marketing are cost-effective SaaS strategies to generate leads. You can also use a paid marketing tactic if you are not receiving enough organic search traffic. In this instance, PPC campaigns are a good option for generating additional leads for your site. You need to determine the best strategy for your brand by experimenting with different variations and types of ad copy. Using relevant keywords for your industry ensures your ad is displayed for all relevant queries.

There are tools available to help you find the right keywords for PPC campaigns. This will help you with your research in addition to tracking traffic derived from your PPC campaigns. This means you will be able to optimize the performance of your ads more effectively. You need to make certain the value of your product is clearly outlined in your ads to ensure the audience you attract is relevant.

Did you know??? The average cost-per-click (CPC) in the software industry is $3.80 and the most expensive software industry keyword CPC is $95. (HubSpot)

Offering Fewer Choices

If you offer too many choices, your potential customers will become confused and might abandon their purchase. Limit your plans to between two and three different variants to make certain there is no confusion. You need to clearly show potential customers the features available with different plans and pricing. This will help them make the right decision for their needs. If what is included in your plans is not clear, you will lose customers.

Improving Customer Experience

According to experts, the most essential SaaS strategy is improving your customer experience. You can offer a better experience to your customers by personalizing your service as much as possible. A good example is sending a personalized email to welcome new customers once the sign-up process is complete. If an active customer starts to slip, you can send them an email as well.

Live chat is another good option for your website. Customer questions can be answered while the consumer is still interacting with your site. Your potential customers will be able to navigate your website more easily and find answers to their questions. For example:

SaaS Marketing Strategies for Superior Results

(Image Credit: REVE Chat)

Utilize SaaS Review Sites

The majority of consumers look at reviews and ratings for products before they decide what to purchase. This is incredibly important for software because no tangible product exists. Your potential customers will be reading online comparisons for similar products prior to making their decision.

To make certain you get the maximum exposure for your industry, try to get your product featured on SaaS review sites including G2 Crowd and Capterra. This is a good opportunity to reach out to website teams. If successful, you can send your value proposition and product details.

Action-Oriented and Clear CTAs

You need to decide the action you want your audience to take. This can be to make a purchase now or signing up for your free trial. Make certain your potential customers know which action to take by including CTAs on your site. For example:

SaaS Marketing Strategies for Superior Results

(Image Credit: AdEspresso)

Rewards for Customer Referrals

One of the most impressive SaaS marketing strategies is referral marketing for lead generation. A recent survey was conducted for B2B marketers. The results showed more than 80 percent stated their main source for generating leads were referrals. To make certain your strategy is effective, your customers need to have incentives to provide you with referrals. One option is a loyalty program offering rewards or an incentive for customers referring your product to someone else.

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Benefits of SAAS Based Marketing

SaaS is now classified as the most thriving branch for IT. The current estimate is the growth potential for the average market is approximately 56 percent annually. The prediction is the market growth potential will increase roughly 20 percent every year. The expansion of the SaaS market is happening quickly.

There are a lot of benefits for this kind of business model attracting new entrepreneurs due to the software distribution model. Many businesses are more willing to select Saas as opposed to on-premises apps due to the security and advantages available.

Elimination of Piracy

SaaS vendors are not selling licenses for the software. All you have to do is deliver the product to your customers using either a subscription-based model of pay for usage method. The cloud is modeled by SaaS as a data platform. This means that only paying customers can access the data. The risk of your software being pirated is eliminated because you are managing the servers hosting your data.

Predictability and Stability

Predicting revenue is a lot easier because the basis is your subscription fees. The SaaS business model enables monitoring of subscription plan changes, when your client contracts expire and all incoming invoices. This effectively minimizes the risk of an unexpected decrease in revenue. Developing your own marketing strategy then becomes much easier.

Automation of Service Delivery

The majority of businesses believe automation is the best advantage of the SaaS model. You can always get new customers regardless of the time of day because the system is operational 24/7. Significant numbers of customers will visit your site at all times and purchase your subscription plan without asking a single question. This means that even if your entire staff is sleeping, you are still earning revenues.

Foreign Market Expansion

You can distribute the SaaS business system without the help of any middlemen or resellers. Your product is always an application based on the internet. This means all this is required for global marketing is internet access.

Network Effects

Marketing by word of mouth is substantially influenced by the industry. The more marketing is used as a tool, the greater the influence. The decisions of your potential customers are based heavily on recommendations from opinion leaders, bloggers and influencers.

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Marketing your SaaS application to other businesses can mean a specific targeted campaign and specific strategies that can yield high conversion rates.

Yes, Netflix is a SaaS company that markets software to watch videos on demand to consumers. It uses a subscription based model where the subscriber can pay monthly or yearly for different levels of streaming services.

Well, unlike other product-based businesses, an SaaS company doesn’t have a tangible, physical product to sell. It is often harder to sell something people can touch and feel. Influencer marketing may help to improve conversions.

Content marketing is the approach whereby companies attempt to create value and excitement on a product or service by offering high quality, educational content. This can be through a blog or blog.


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