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Tips for an Engaging and Fun Real Estate Blog

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Tips for an Engaging and Fun Real Estate Blog

Read time 12 min read
Tips for an Engaging and Fun Real Estate Blog

Improve your content marketing + SEO in 60 seconds! Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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A blog refers to an easy, friendly, regularly updated web page or website. A real estate blog is regularly updated with content on real estate, including listings, purchase tips, and tricks, among other house-related topics. An engaging and fun real estate blog should thus have information that cuts across and appeals to a wide variety of clients. You do not have to focus on potentials only but ensure you provide enough information useful to a wide range of people to help you build your brand.

Some of the benefits of having an engaging real estate blog include;

i. Increase in traffic

The real estate bloggers with top real estate blogs have mastered the art of formulating quality content that sends a message to Google and other search engines of their presence and dynamic nature. This act means that Google and other search engines pay attention to their new content and help them score better in rankings, essentially increasing the number of people they access and those who read their content.

Appearing on top of search engines means your message is shared with a wider audience. Thus, if you smartly use keywords and develop quality content, the amount of organic traffic you would gain is huge. For the real estate bloggers, this steady traffic translates to sales shifting your business and financial gains.

FACT: HubSpot was able to increase its number of monthly organic search views of existing blog posts that were optimized by an average of 106%. (HubSpot)

ii. Increases your relevance on social media

People on social media are constantly seeking new valuable information and looking for new ideas or information. Sharing your blog information on social media ensures your audience is engaged and provides information to share. For real estate enthusiasts who appreciate taste and design or the process of acquiring a house, developing content that meets their needs will see them become champions for your work and regular readers. As a real estate agent, blogs with accurate and reliable information are likely to increase your followings and build a name for yourself, helping you close more sales. For instance:

Tips for an Engaging and Fun Real Estate Blog

(Image Credit: StreetText)

iii. Build a brand and establish authority

Having content that answers people’s questions and meets their needs will see them continually come to your site. If clients know that they can visit your website for regular and accurate information, they develop a trust that compels them to subscribe to your content. The more people who find your content useful and helpful, the higher you rise in rank, and the more people want to associate with your brand or trust you to with their real estate research and purchases.

This process increases your clientele and sees you tap into a future market that ensures you never run out of business. Having content out there also helps you stamp yourself as an authority making it easy to participate in online webinars, get more viewings on YouTube videos and work with seasoned names in the industry.

iv. Helps you gain Partnerships and business

Agents who run the best real estate blog sites make money by lending business and creating partnerships with different companies allowing them to make more from endorsements. Companies that sell building or house decors are continually looking for the best real estate blog sites to endorse their products and tap into their market.

These partnerships provide good returns that help cushion you as you embark on closing deals. They also provide a steady business flow as most people are currently going online as their first option when looking for a house or seeking to sell their own. This action means that real estate agent blogs are getting many visitors daily that could easily be translated into sales.

Now that we have learned the benefits of building top real estate blogs, we will focus on making them fun and engaging to help you generate traffic and close deals. Understanding the various tips that go into creating a top-quality blog ensures you develop something practical and easy to navigate.

Some of the tips to help you develop the best real estate blog sites include;

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Focus on quality content

One of the key points on creating the best real estate blogs is the information shared on them. Sit down with your team and ensure you have a clear direction for sharing your content and its quality. Some of the things to focus on when determining content include;

  • The frequency of posting– Do you plan to post once a week or thrice a week? Who is responsible for the updates? Is there a specific time this content should be updated? Finding answers to all these questions is the first step to building a real estate agent blog that showcases your personality and does not drain you. Consider using a content calendar to keep you consistent, for example:

Tips for an Engaging and Fun Real Estate Blog

You will be interested

(Image Credit: Mintent)

  • Type of content created– It is also essential to determine what kind of content is shared, when, and how you mix between videos and written pieces to ensure you eliminate monotony and keep your audience interested.
  • Quality of content – Conduct research on the trending topics to help you develop unique pieces that people want to read. Having Q and A sessions in your blog regularly will also ensure you have a specific day or time designated to answer clients’ needs and questions, ensuring your content is fresh and has an audience that cares for the information.

Focusing on the above and ensuring your content seeks to answer frequently asked questions will give you a fun and interesting blog. Look for topics and headings that answer frequently asked questions, help clients decide and understand other things involved in home-ownership like state laws and how to obey them. This process ensures your audience feels answered and helps you build your brand and develop a relationship with them.

Did you know??? 24% of marketers plan on increasing their investment in content marketing in 2020. What’s more, nearly 40% of marketers say content marketing is a very important part of their overall marketing strategy. (HubSpot)

Lean on your area of expertise

While having an extensive focus on different information is advisable, focusing on your area of expertise will see you reap more and provide your users with accurate information. For example, if you are a seasoned home agent focusing on selling getaway homes, providing information on them, how to choose one, plus the dos and don’ts and price range in different areas will see you meet your audience needs more accurately. You will also have valuable and honest data that not most real estate agents have, enabling you to brand yourself as an authority in getaways property. Here is an example of a real estate blog focused on vacation homes:

Tips for an Engaging and Fun Real Estate Blog

Starting from the known ensures you keep your audience engaged with accurate data and gives you time to research and develop content on areas you are not perfect in, ensuring you bring accurate information to the table. Focusing on the known also ensures you tap into your local market by telling them what they can get in their area, information about real estate in the place they did not know and providing tips to help them close their sales faster.

Ensure your blog is SEO optimized

Search engine optimization works to ensure you generate organic traffic and helps you rank higher on search engines. Thus, having well-optimized real estate blogs ensures your information gets to the right audience, and your blog scores better in rankings. Some of the things to focus on to ensure your real estate agent blog stand out include placing quality backlinks to authoritative sites, generating appropriate keywords and having the proper length.

These easy steps ensure your content is well aligned with the correct information that enables Google algorithms to pick them up, optimizing your website. SEO also ensures that your site is well equipped to surpass time by generating content that remains relevant over time, meaning you continually enjoy organic traffic over an extended period. Instead of focusing on generating content every day, ensure you focus on in-depth pieces that ensure your clients have questions, are engaged and leave yearning for more. You can learn more on SEO by researching word count, which keywords work best for your niche and the most researched words. For example:

Tips for an Engaging and Fun Real Estate Blog

(Image Credit: Placester)

You can also utilize different online tools that focus on SEO optimization, especially for beginners. Different apps help you identify your blog’s weak spots for improvement to enable it to score higher SEO ratings. They also enable you to see what your competitors are using to ensure you are not left behind.

Have a friendly and casual tone

Ensure your real estate blogs have a warm, welcoming touch where your audience feel like they are getting friendly big brother advice instead of reading manuals or information about a science project. Remember, the internet is full of distractions, and a boring article can easily distract your potential clients or limit them from seeing the valuable information in your blog.

Ensure your writing is friendly, straight to the point, and easy to understand vocabulary. Avoid the use of jargons and hard to read sentences that may bore your audience. It would help if you add some sense of humor and joy in your writing to break the monotony and interact with your clients. For example, when writing a piece on house hunting, be more empathetic about how confusing it can get for first-time buyers when looking for a house.

Ensure the client knows that you understand the dilemma they are in, the house-hunting process and help them see the joy they will feel once they finish the frustrating process. Having an empathetic approach and friendly tone helps you create a relationship with your audience and personalize your content. This process ensures that they understand your listings and endorse your projects. Remember, in real estate, it is not just about selling a house, but selling feelings, emotions, memories made and those yet to be made.

Use high-quality visuals

One of the ways to create top real estate blogs is by using high-quality images. Images play a vital role in making your blog post fun and engaging. Clients are intrigued by what they see; it attracts them to inquire more on a listing and want to view a house or ask more questions on a particular topic. Excellent images also make the content more capturing and ensure your audience reads the piece. For instance:

Tips for an Engaging and Fun Real Estate Blog

Using catchy images that are properly shot and have high resolution works to ensure your site looks inviting and makes it stand out from the rest. Images also play a role in sharing a message with fewer words, helping you focus more on capturing the client’s attention as a person may be having less time online enough to help them skim through the page.

The images thus help them get the message. Since real estate is about houses and spaces, using images helps you showcase these spaces and ensure you stay in touch with the blog’s goal. Good quality imagery is also essential to help your site load faster and prevent you from losing out on clients due to longer load time. Ensure your images are saved in a proper format so that they are visible and light enough to help your site load faster.

Using apps and Google tools ensures you get access to a wide variety of free templates and some paid ones to package the information nicely and attract clients. No one wants to read a boring essay on a blog; thus, having images that help you divide the information and package it better ensures you maintain your client’s interest in the content.

Have evergreen content

Evergreen content refers to content that transverse time. Examples of evergreen content in real estate may include what to look for when choosing a house, tips to close a deal faster, how to have a successful open house viewing, among others. Include answers to such questions to come up with the best real estate blogs. For example:

Tips for an Engaging and Fun Real Estate Blog

You are thus assured that your site will continually generate traffic as people will always have questions on such topics. When generating evergreen content, ensure you utilize keywords and formats that make them easy to read and well-spaced. Unlike college essays, the general outlook of an evergreen content informs how people treat it.

Developing content with headers and short paragraphs makes it easy for clients to skim through and get valuable information without taking too much time. This action ensures a person who skims through gets the information they need and gets encouraged to revisit the site to have a good in-depth read of an article.

We hope that you found this article useful.

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Use visuals when sharing your blog post

One way a real estate blogger builds a brand is by sharing their blogs through their social media handles. By sharing this information on the other platforms, you work to unite your online community and increase your audience. You can take time to develop quality visuals or buy visuals to ensure you have catchy images to share across your platforms. This tactic ensures you direct your traffic towards your blog post, having a common place for your varied audience.

By taking the time to share upcoming blogs, you build interest. You allow your audience an opportunity to set apart time for your blog post ensuring your information has an audience and generates organic traffic. Have visuals containing a call to action that urges your viewers to visit your page for more information, ensuring you grow your online segments as one. Those who love your content can also like your other social handles from your blog posts, helping you gain a following and stamp your authority in the subject.

Invest in apps

Developing a blog post can be easy for some individuals, but it may not always be for everyone. Thus, one way to help you develop a real estate agent blog that shows your personality is focusing on the content and investing in apps to do the rest. There are many apps and tools available online that will help you build an excellent blog focusing on aesthetics, general outlook and other detailed information.

This process frees up time for you, enabling you to focus on creating quality personalized content. For those who find it hard to keep up to date with posting, instead of leaving your audience to fumble or go to other blogs with a constant flow of information, ensure you utilize word spinners to generate personalized blog content for those days you are unable to do it yourself. Having tools and apps also helps you keep everything in check.

These applications can be used to update information automatically and work to remind you of unfinished activities. They also play a major role in helping you stay in touch with clients, for example, by allowing you to send group emails, understand your selling pattern and know what guests appreciate more about your styles. This detailed analysis ensures you produce content required by your audience and meet their needs by generating content that answers their questions.

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Writing a real estate blog doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some tips for writing a blog people want to read.

  • Provide solutions to questions your readers have.
  • Optimize for the web.
  • Use high quality photos.
  • Specialize and focus on those things.
  • Blog regularly.
  • Go for evergreen content.

There are several ways to make money when you’re a real estate blogger. 1) Offer membership content and benefits. 2) Promote products and services through your content. 3) Sell advertising space on your blog.

Blogging has never been more popular than it is now. In 2020 and 2021, blogging is projected to be a lucrative and popular profession and one that can be done from almost any location.

These are some tips that can help you monetize your blog.

  • Setup your own self-hosted blog.
  • Start publishing high quality content.
  • Build organic traffic to your website.
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Start making money by selling ads.
  • Make money by selling your own products or services.
  • Try affiliate marketing.

Here are some of the most popular, trendy topics for your real estate blog:

  • Housing Trends.
  • Local Events.
  • Feature a Local Business.
  • Recreation Activities.
  • Dog-Friendly.
  • Kid Stuff.
  • Testimonial Pages.
  • Home Maintenance.

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