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7 Tips to Writing the Best Chiropractic Blog

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7 Tips to Writing the Best Chiropractic Blog

Read time 9 min read
7 Tips to Writing the Best Chiropractic Blog

Improve your content marketing + SEO in 60 seconds! Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings. We’ll even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.


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Finding the best chiropractic blog topics is much easier than most realize. What you need to understand is that blogging is a social skill.

Despite impressive academic credentials, not all chiropractors are great at socializing.

Besides, socializing over the internet is quite different from doing it in person. Nevertheless, with the right strategy, blogs are a great vector for growth.

Foundational Principles

  1. Blogging Can Greatly Increase Traffic to Your Business
  2. Effective Blogging Must Implement a Carefully Crafted Strategy
  3. As With All Things, The More You Practice, The Better You Become

How to Be the Best Chiropractic Website in 2020

Coming up with good chiropractic blog ideas is a skill like any other. As such, you must practice. The more time that you put into it, the better that you will become.

Unless you consistently practice, you will not improve.

However, we suggest following the advice below. That way, you can get a head start on your competition. By using these concepts, you will develop a great foundation. Ultimately, you can become a master blogger.

1. What to Include on Chiropractic Blogs for Patients

Your blog needs to stand out from other chiropractic blogs for patients. Thus, you need to analyze the competition. Review a few of the top chiropractic blogs. Within a few moments, you will notice some trends. Most of these blogs produce similar content. If you wish to be effective, you must distinguish yourself. Otherwise, readers will just go to any of those places.

Target Demographics:

Does your practice have a particular demographic that it serves? Of course, no practice will solely serve a single demographic. Most places have a particular demographic composing a significant portion of their clients. All of your posts should be aimed at attracting more people from that demographic.


Variety is the spice of life. Suppose you started running a blog. Unless you produce variable content, readers will get bored. By introducing novel concepts, you can keep people engaged. You could create a rotating list of post types. By keeping this list, you will avoid hosting similar content. Therefore, the variety on your blog will be greater.


What is the best way to get your readers involved? By getting them to take action, you are engaging with your readers more than most. Try to include something actionable in each post that you make. Getting your readers to do something that will implant you in their minds. They read things every day. However, only a few people can get them to take action. You could be one of them. For example this blog that tell people which foods are the healthiest for their mood and encourages them to eat them:

7 Tips to Writing the Best Chiropractic Blog


You will be interested

Finally, never post anything that is not informative. You are running a blog about chiropractic practices. People who are visiting it want to learn. Ensure that they get what they came for. Never let your readers leave without feeling as if they have gained something. If they do not feel like they gained something, they are unlikely to return.

Main Ideas

  • Find Out Who Your Primary Audience Is
  • Create Content With Those People in Mind

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For example “www.diib.com”

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Content Marketing

2. Chiropractic Blog Topics: Questions and Answers

Some of the best chiropractic posts Come in the question and answer format. These style posts let your Fans communicate with you. Most importantly, you respond to them. This lets them know that you care. How many publications answer your questions?

Engaging With Your Community:

Staying involved with your community should be of the utmost importance. Plenty of blogs post content every day. Only a few actually interact with the people who read them. Community engagement is one of the best tools you can use to measure the quality of a website. Websites that care a lot about their future always try to engage with their users.

Showcasing Your Expertise:

Since you are a professional, you have specialist knowledge. Not everyone knows the things that you do. When people visit your website, they want to learn some of those things. Always remember to showcase your level of expertise.

Conversations With Your Readers:

We suggest making all of your response posts conversational in tone. These tend to get better responses from readers. People don’t like feeling as if they are being talked down to. Conversational tones avoid that. If possible, try hosting a live stream. Live streams have become increasingly popular in recent years. They offer a unique way for you to interact with the people who read your material. It’s one of the only ways you can have a real two-way conversation online.

Central Concepts

  • Let Your Readers Send You Questions
  • Answer Those Questions at Least Once per Month (Image Below)

7 Tips to Writing the Best Chiropractic Blog

3. Chiropractic Posts: Breaking Down a Topic

Once you get a fan base, you can begin to expand the topics covered by your blog. One of our favorite post types is the breakdown. These take a large concept and explain it. For a post to be effective, it must be clearly communicated. Remember, you have an education that your readers do not.

Start Big:

At the beginning of your posts, lay out the big picture. That way, people have an idea of what you are talking about. Then, explain it in terms that would be easily understandable. In essence, people with only a high school education should feel comfortable with it.

Narrow it Down:

After you lay out the main concepts, you can begin to break them down. We recommend creating subsections for each sub-topic. That way, your readers can easily follow along. Do not worry about going into too much detail. If you feel like your posts are starting to run on, break them up into multiple parts. This increases the amount of content you can post on your website. Plus, it makes it more digestible for the people interested in learning about it.

Summary in the Conclusion:

Finally, create a conclusion at the end of your articles. This conclusion should summarize the key points of the post. Thus, readers can skip to the bottom to figure out the most important points. Your summary should contain the most important talking points from your post. The best summaries also contain action steps. These are things that your readers can do on their own time.


  • Showcasing Expertise Is the Sign of a Talented Professional
  • Explaining Complex Topics to a Simple Audience Requires Practice

4. A Good Chiropractic Blog Minimizes Patient Anxiety

When people go to the chiropractor, they do not go because they are in a good mood. Typically, they are in quite a bit of pain. Considering this, you should put them at ease. Let them know that things will be okay. It would be best if they felt like you cared about them.

What Causes Anxiety:

Alleviating anxiety begins by understanding what causes it. Suppose you were a patient trying to see a chiropractor. How would you be feeling? Typically, patients feel anxious because of the uncertainty. Simply eliminating some of that uncertainty can drastically reduce any feelings of anxiety.

7 Tips to Writing the Best Chiropractic Blog

How to Relieve Anxiety:

As we stated previously, anxiety stems from uncertainty. Therefore, you need to increase your patience level of certainty. By making them feel more certain, you reduce their feelings of uneasiness. As long as they know what is going on, they should feel all right. One way you can do this is by answering questions they might be having, for example:

Offering Solutions:

Before you move on, you need to tell your patients that there are solutions. Otherwise, they will leave feeling even worse. On the other hand, if there are solutions, they will feel hopeful. Plus, offering solutions gives them a reason to come and visit you in person.

Breaking It Down

  • Make Your Patients Feel at Ease With You
  • The Better You Make Them Feel, The Better Your Results

5. Include a Strong Call to Action For Each Post

No matter what, your blog needs a call to action. Every single post that you create needs to encourage readers to do something. Most of the time, this will be something small like a phone call. By ending your articles with a call to action, you are driving more traffic to your business. Ultimately, you must create some urgency. That way, the people reading your posts take action instead of waiting. For instance:

7 Tips to Writing the Best Chiropractic Blog

Encourage Decision Making:

What makes people decide to do something? There are tons of factors that go into it. However, there are a few commonalities. One, when people feel urgency, they are more likely to act. Two, if it makes them feel emotional, it increases the chances of them making a decision.

Building Urgency:

What is urgency? Urgency is the feeling that you get when there is a deadline looming. How does this apply to your business? Well, when your customers feel like there is a time limit, they are more likely to act now. We suggest giving discounts to customers that carry a time limit. That way, they feel pressured to take advantage of the savings before they are no longer valid.

Establishing Legitimacy:

Legitimacy is more important than most business owners realize. Most people look at reviews online before checking out a business. Why is this? They are checking to ensure that the business is legitimate. Nobody wants to get ripped off. By establishing legitimacy, you make people more willing to do business with you.


  • People Make Decisions Emotionally and Justify With Logic
  • Targeting Common Emotions Can Be Highly Effective

We hope that you found this article useful.

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6. Search Engine Optimization and Your Blog

Search engines have become increasingly powerful over the years. A few decades ago, they did not even exist. Today, they are one of the most dominant ways we access information. The vast majority of people online find where they want to go by searching for it. Therefore, much of your traffic will originate from search engines. Moreover, you can optimize the way your site is ranked on these engines.


Keywords are the most important concept regarding search engine optimization. Optimizing the way your blog ranks on search engines starts with them. Figure out which keywords are the most commonly searched. Then, find ways to implement them on each of your posts. That way, you will be more likely to show up at the top of the search results. When people are looking for chiropractors, you want to be the number 1 result. There are keyword tools available that can help you will this, for example:

7 Tips to Writing the Best Chiropractic Blog

(Image Credit: 97th Floor)

Meta Tags:

Made it tags give search engines a little bit of information about what your posts contain. These are not seen by your readers. The little descriptions you see underneath the website when you conduct online searches. Always ensure you got good made it tags that are relevant to the material you post.

Image Text:

Every single image that you post on your blog also contains an alternative text. Alternative texts are scanned by search engines when people search. Creating relevant tags for all of your images can boost your traffic. When you neglect to do so, you are missing out on potential readers.

Topics and Themes

  • Most People Use Search Engines to Find Things Online
  • You Can Use The Algorithms to Your Advantage

7. Things Your Patients Can Do at Home

Finally, great posts are ones that give you things to do at home. Why? Because these are much more memorable. If all a post does is teach you something, it is easy to forget. On the contrary, posts that get you to do things are very memorable. You will not forget all of those stretches that you did earlier today. However, you might forget the most interesting facts about spinal alignment.

Basic Exercises:

Never assume that your readers have any experience with the things that you are doing. Instead, start with the most basic assumptions possible. We suggest creating lists of exercises that anyone can do. That way, people can get some relief from their back pains without leaving home. People will find that incredibly valuable. For instance:

7 Tips to Writing the Best Chiropractic Blog

Common Mistakes to Correct:

The most common mistake is creating posts with specialist knowledge. Unless you explain it, it will go over your readers’ heads. Remember, you know more about this topic than the people who are reading your blog do. By taking the time to explain, you can avoid making them feel alienated. No one likes feeling lost. As long as you make your readers feel comfortable, they will keep coming back.

Advice on When to See Professionals:

Our final advice would be including suggestions on seeking professional help. People don’t want to waste time going to doctors unnecessarily. If you can help them avoid that, they will appreciate you. Plus, sometimes they do need help. When you have been consistent in giving them good advice, they are more likely to come to you.

Building Blocks

  • As the Expert, Your Readers Will Listen to You
  • Giving Good Advice Is Essential

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Writing a blog doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some of the steps: 1) Pinpoint your audience. 2) Identify your blog topic (Chiropractic related). 3) Make sure you utilize your target keywords in the title of your blog post. 4) Write a captivating introduction. 5) Outline your post and start writing.

Use a logical format and make sure you have a clear beginning, middle and ending. Make sure you have heading and subheadings to clearly separate content. Lists, ordered and unordered, are always great. Photos are also a wonderful way to break up content.

There are blogging sites that offer free services. Here are a few:

  • WordPress (Self-Hosted).
  • Wix.
  • WordPress.com.
  • Weebly.
  • Medium.
  • Blogger.
  • Ghost.
  • Tumblr.

Running a blog will cost you $70-$80 per year for hosting and domain and $150/per month for content. If you are providing your own content, this should cut costs considerably.

WordPress (often referred to as self-hosted WordPress or WordPress.org) is a free blogging platform and website builder.


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Daniel Urmann

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