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Keys to the Best Investment Banking Marketing Strategy

Keys to the Best Investment Banking Marketing Strategy

Investment Banking Industry

You can promote your banking services by using thought-provoking messages to help ensure trust in your competitive industry. Financial organizations and investment banks often experience difficulties setting themselves apart from their competitors. This is generally because banks use the same demographics to incorporate tactics including both the same services and rates. Using different types of investment bank advertising is important to differentiate your bank from the competition.

You can take advantage of new technologies to stand above your competition. You can still provide the same service but you do not have to use the same strategies as the other investment banks. You can also target different audiences using contrasting methods. There is a wide range of strategies you can employ to remain ahead of your competition including:

  • Targeting different demographics
  • Digital apps and services
  • Focusing on customer value
  • Smarter Loyalty Programs
  • Adopting new technologies
  • Returning value to customers
  • Personalization and big data
  • Placing Your Customer Value First

Targeting Different Demographics

The majority of investment banking marketing targets generalized audiences including baby boomers, Millennials and Gen Z. You can improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies by targeting specific, local and much smaller demographics. A good example is identifying the most valuable services offered by your bank such as for students graduating from high school. Creating strong investment bank advertising is valuable as these students begin attending colleges and universities.

If your banking services are more suitable for consumers in the middle-income range interested in a savings retirement program, creating a targeted marketing campaign is an effective option. When you focus on a local audience, your marketing and offerings are more specific. This is what helps differentiate your services from your competition.

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Content Marketing

Digital Apps and Services

The current estimate is 77 percent of all consumers in the United States have an active account with social media. The same percentage owns and uses smartphones. A lot of people have made the switch from banking in-person to digital banking because it is much faster, simple to use and convenient. You can incorporate either a high-quality web portal, digital app or both into your marketing investment banking services. These types of banking product strategies can be effectively shared with your audience.

You can begin with the creation of social media and creative marketing campaigns. Also consider offering tutorials, safety information and training designed for the older generation. The younger generations are much more tech-savvy than the older ones. The reason this is such an effective marketing strategy is that numerous consumers have lost interest in going to a physical location. When you offer them digital services, you eliminate the need to physically visit your investment bank. Here is an example of a tutorial mentioned before:

Keys to the Best Investment Banking Marketing Strategy

Focusing on Customer Value

One of the most important marketing strategies you can use is customer outreach due to the current focus on social media and digital marketing. When you connect with consumers on an individual basis, you establish strong connections more important for establishing great relationships than any type of online marketing. Adding good value to your customer outreach is critical. A good example is offering workshops and courses for mobile banking, online security and financial literacy.

You can also decide to offer quick individual consultations, provide information for investment portfolios or concentrate on whatever is the most appropriate for your bank’s customer demographics and brand. The representatives you select for your outreach programs should be trained to provide helpful, friendly and warm assistance and advice without selling any of your services or products. Your strategies should be focused on building relationships as opposed to making sales.

Smarter Loyalty Programs

One of the oldest strategies implemented by banks is loyalty programs. You can implement the traditional collection of points by using a credit card or try something new. A good loyalty program needs to offer your customers rewards for engaging actively with your bank. Place your focus on offering an incentive to help ensure your customers continue doing business with your bank. You can offer your customers valuable discounts.

Your options include free ATM use, slightly better rates on savings accounts and CDs and decreasing your interest rates for home mortgages and loans. In order to qualify, your customers should have to enroll in certain programs such as auto-pay in addition to being active customers. This is more effective than offering points because the cost for your products remains the same but your customers receive a tangible and real value they will compare to your competitor’s rates. The image below shows a loyalty program from Citibank:

Keys to the Best Investment Banking Marketing Strategy

(Image Credit: Divante)

Adopting New Technologies

Your bank will not benefit from every new technology available. Remaining aware of new technological benefits and trends will help you remain above your competition and ensure your marketing plans remain fresh and enticing. Numerous large banks integrate artificial intelligence or AI and automation to ensure customer service 24/7, personalized and customized services and automated approval for mortgages and loans. Consider offering an app and digital banking catered to Generation Z and Millennials. For instance:

Keys to the Best Investment Banking Marketing Strategy

(Image Credit: Financial Technology)

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If you are not interested in this type of technology, make certain what you do offer high-quality. Chatbots can be effectively used to provide your customers with interactive facts as opposed to exhaustive facts. Your customers can find the answers they need a lot faster. They can also phrase their questions in a more intuitive manner.

FACT: Chatbots fueled by AI are predicted to handle 85% of customer service by 2021. (HubSpot)

Returning Value to Customers

You receive a lot of value from your customers. Returning the favor is extremely important. You have a wide range of options including reviewing and improving your services, streamlining your services and products and eliminating old products no longer providing effective value for your customers. All of this will improve what your bank is able to offer. When your customers use your products, they should receive more value than with your competitors in investment banking marketing.

Figure out which benefits you can offer your customers they are unable to receive through your competitors. If you are unable to find any, focus your marketing strategy on redesigning the products or services you are offering into something with more relevance. You can then rebrand your products, services and bank accordingly. You are most likely offering standard loan packagers, savings accounts and bank accounts in addition to your other services.

The majority of modern consumers receive the best benefits from modular and flexible packages enabling them to remove or add services. This needs to be available online with a limited time necessary for approval. For example:

Keys to the Best Investment Banking Marketing Strategy

Personalization and Big Data

The majority of banks have an overabundance of data. This means big data is critical for your marketing investment banking services. You should offer your customers better, more personalized and more tailored services and products. Simple automation algorithms can be implemented to recommend your customer’s services and products according to their previous usage. Your consumers can receive auto-approval for mortgages and loans.

This demonstrates which loans they qualify for including interest rates prior to going to one of your competitors. Big data is also useful for recommending changes and account upgrades at just the right moment including college graduations, buying a car or purchasing a first home. The data is already there, all you need to do is use it to improve your marketing programs.

Placing Your Customer Experience First

Modern marketing is about offering your consumers a great experience. This is necessary for your physical branches, app, digital platform and customer service department to become successful. Your investment banking content should focus on creating a high-quality, helpful and positive experience for all of your customers every time they interact with or visit your bank. This can be your most effective strategy of all.

This does not mean your customers need to be enthralled or that you have to far exceed their expectations. All you need to do is offer quality, stable and strong solutions consistently offering your customers value. Place your focus on taking care of your customers first.


  • 75% of smartphone users expect to get immediate information while using their smartphone.
  • When asked why they haven’t used mobile payments so far, 44% of the respondents say they worry about the protection of their personal data. (HubSpot)

Investment Banking Content Basics

Your bank requires a good B2B marketing strategy, streamlined pipeline and consistent quality leads if you intend to succeed. The investment banking industry is in a digital era. Your marketing tactics must rely on digital methods. You still need to incorporate traditional methods for marketing with your digital tactics. This is the ideal combination of offline and online banking. There is a wide range of sourcing tools created specifically for investment banking you can use to help.

Traditional Marketing Methods

One of the most important marketing methods for investment bankers is word of mouth. Despite the smaller reach, offering one of your business cards along with a handshake is much warmer than sending a cold and generic email. Connecting with more potential leads is possible by attending major networking events, summits and conferences. This gives you the opportunity to take advantage of organic growth. You can use digital methods combined with in-person methods to enhance your growth.

You can use modern banking software to identify potential deals and customers quickly and efficiently before you attend any banking events. The software platform shows the events banks are attending while offering contact details for the main decision-makers to help ensure you are aware of the most critical meetings.

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Digital Methods

The key focus of any investment banking marketing strategy is bringing in additional customers. You can do this by expanding your sales funnel. In this regard, your techniques for digital B2B marketing are crucial. There are several different areas you can use to ensure your digital marketing techniques are adopted quickly to enhance your flow including:

  • Meaningful content
  • An efficient website focusing on your clients
  • Paid ads

An Efficient Website

Your business model should be explained by your banking website to ensure your core values are explained in a coherent and clear manner. Biomedical, tech and banking professions often make the mistake of using too much jargon. The result is their message being lost due to technicalities. Once your bank becomes harder to find, your SEO or search engine optimization ratings can suffer. Your focus should be on brevity, flow, mystery and functionality.

Brevity should be direct and short. Eliminate any fluff and use a minimum of analogies and jargon to enhance simplicity. Use functionality for creating seamless navigation across your pages, Make certain your forms are simple. Always start with a high level for your flow. You can branch out to include your core values and service offerings once you have gained interest. Mystery is different from confusion. Mystery is when potential customers inquire about what you have to offer.

Your website is the public face of your bank. Your potential customers should see your offerings and brand without becoming overloaded with too many details. Here is an example of navigation bars that show the costumer the services provided in each category:

Keys to the Best Investment Banking Marketing Strategy

Relevant Content Marketing Strategies

Your content marketing includes creating and distributing visual, auditory and written content. You can use a variety of strategies for a strong marketing plan including:

  • A video series or YouTube channel
  • Whitepapers
  • Blog posts
  • Podcasts
  • Editorials
  • Social media platforms

You can increase your website traffic by using informative and consistent content. The result is a consistent increase in your organic traffic. The content you include in your blog is most likely the same information drafted and published by the majority of investment banks. You need to determine the strategies used by the most successful banks and improve on their methods. You can become the expert’s expert.

The idea is to become the person other banks seek when they require valuable and extremely informative content. This effectively places you in an authority position for content and will increase the flow of quality traffic to your site.

Building SEO

Building SEO is crucial for your investment banking strategy. You should include the right keywords within your content to create valuable SEO for your website. Your SEO efforts will help improve your ranking with the search engines. As your bank appears in more queries, your website will receive additional attention. Being placed on the first page is extremely valuable. The average number of clicks received by businesses on the first page is 92 percent.

All the businesses on the second page combined receive fewer than six percent of the clicks. You can significantly increase your SEO value by ranking for more keywords. You can target more keywords by writing informative articles about your industry. You will need to be patient because your organic traffic will not increase overnight. There are two methods you can use to eliminate the need to wait several months to see your results, pay per click and post-deal marketing.

FACT: About 64% of marketers actively invest time in search engine optimization (SEO). (HubSpot)


Pay per click is frequently used in combination with Google Ad Words. To receive rankings with Google, you have the option of paying to use specific keywords. Keep in mind the landing pages and articles appearing in the first couple of positions include the word ad on Google. The good news is the majority of consumers are going to click on these businesses and articles anyway.

Your cost is dependent on the competitiveness of the keywords you choose. This can be just a few cents or several dollars. This is a good strategy for artificially inflating your page ranking. Your content is also viewed by a lot more potential customers. The image below shows where you find the average cost per click:

Keys to the Best Investment Banking Marketing Strategy

(Image Credit: WordStream)

Post-Deal Marketing

One of your most powerful strategies is post-deal marketing. This is an extremely important investment for all banks. You gain the ability to create new case studies and place your focus on your PR efforts. You can then close significantly more notable deals. When you promote your successful deals in this manner you are showcasing the strength of your services to a much wider potential customer base.

Sourcing More Deals

You can increase your sales funnel by including both digital and traditional marketing strategies for your bank’s marketing campaign. This will help ensure you bring in significantly more customers. You can efficiently target new leads through a combination of post-deal marketing tools, conference preparation software and target market analysis. This helps prepare you to identify and close new opportunities for your current and potential customers.

You can increase the strength of your campaign by improving your marketing efforts throughout your pipeline. Data scrubbing is a good option to assist you with prospecting. You can then use extensive filtering for the identification of new prospects. You can also enhance your relationships using post and pre-event communications. Make certain you are integrating your CRM with your lead information.

As your lead funnel begins filling with new leads, you can take the next steps to make certain you receive a variety of high-quality leads including analysis and conducting due diligence. You can succeed in your field by using a combination of different software, past case studies, technologies and tools. Make certain you research and understand the wide selection of different strategies available before you begin marketing.

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