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Writing the Best Home Decor Blog with Examples

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Writing the Best Home Decor Blog with Examples

Read time 14 min read
Best home decor blogs

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To write the best home decor blog, you must be passionate about innovative, exciting and stunning decor for home interiors. If designing and decorating home interiors is your strong interest and focus, your blog is sure to reveal your enthusiasm. It will also display your knowledge, experience and ongoing involvement with this fascinating subject.

Current fashions and trends in home design and decor are forever evolving. As a home fashions enthusiast, you will naturally adapt to the many changing styles and phases. As color schemes and designs in furnishings and accessories are revised, tweaked and refined, you will gain new trend “know-how.” Your site can become one of the best decorating blogs for home dwellers.

As your knowledge and understanding of creative home decorating grows and develops, your home decor blog will display greater expertise. Your readers will sense your total involvement in the intriguing world of room design and styling. As a result, you will gain new readers, a stronger following and a target audience for your blog.

Home design and decor is one of the most popular blogging subjects today. From leading cable TV shows to top-selling e-books, how-to social media posts and DIY guides, the topic is hot. If you devote time, energy, focus and passion to pursuing this subject for your blog, you can attain true success. Your site will rank among best home decor blogs.

FACT: 86% of companies produce blog content compared to other formats. (Hubspot)

What to Include in Your Home Decor Blog 

You want to ensure that your home decor blog will build and retain a large and loyal audience for long-term readership. You want to offer readers one of the very best decorating blogs. In order to achieve this goal, start by taking the following major steps:

1. Select Your Blogging Categories

Select four to seven general categories concerning home decor for your best home blogs site. The category writing topics for your blog may be furniture, fabrics, colors, decor styles, current trends, accessories and surface finishes. If you like, you can also include a category for natural wood varieties. The image below shows an example of a few categories this home decor blog chose:

Best home decor blogs

You can always add and revise categories as your blog grows and gains a targeted audience. To develop and expand your audience of readers, include effective search engine optimization (SEO) site practices and techniques. You can learn from SEO experts by consulting quality SEO and web development authorities.

By incorporating highly effective keyword usage in your blogging site content, you can attract more readers and grow your audience. When you include top-quality images, videos and interactive features on your blog, you can increase your loyal readers. If you offer site membership, you can increase your blogging site member numbers significantly.

2. Offer General Decor Advice

Start by introducing your readers to some simple discussions of the primary, secondary and tertiary colors (red-orange, blue-violet or yellow-green). You can encourage your audience to experiment with combining colors that they especially like and relate to. Remind your readers that all colors are combined in nature with beautiful harmony and inspiring visual results.

Soon, readers who are new to home design and decor will realize that there are virtually no wrong color combinations. It is true that some hues are more pleasing than others to most viewers when combined. Yet DIY home decorators can relax and make color choices for room decor without any anxieties or fears of mishaps. Color is simply the visual manifestation of true beauty in varied shades and tonalities.

However, if you want to create specific color effects for room interiors, consult guides displaying cool and warm hues. This can enable you to make color choices that give a desired effect more easily. Soon, just by viewing color charts, you can select ideal shades and groups of colors to achieve your desired result.

You can discuss basic differences in the major popular styles and eras of decor. You can also offer advice for furnishing large, small and irregular-shaped rooms and open-concept living areas in homes. You can offer information and suggestions about choosing fabrics and loose or tight weaves for upholstery, curtains and rugs. Your efforts will make your site a true leader among the best home blogs. Here are a few more examples of designer tips:

Best home decor blogs

3. Solve the Reader’s Major Problems

The majority of homeowners and renters today seek advice online about home design and decor. They often browse website guides and blogs to find answers to their questions and solutions for decorating problems that arise. If you help them add the ideal pops of color to brighten a dark-walled interior, your readers will be delighted.

You will be interested

You may help a newbie to home design select the best size couch or dining table for a small apartment. This novice will benefit from your expertise, and you will most likely gain a new and avid blog reader. DIY home improvement projects are especially popular now, so offer up wise, experienced and innovative advice to build your audience.

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4. Provide Specific Decor Tips

Home dwellers embarking on renovating and redecorating projects usually stumble on problems and puzzling obstacles along their journey. By providing decor tips related to specific common problems, you will attract their interest and lasting loyalty as readers. For example, explain simple techniques for using color, like adding warmth to a visually cool gray-walled interior.

Help your readers understand how to add vibrant rose, sunny marigold or light spring-green curtains, rugs or upholstery. Enable them to visualize and experience the attractive warmth and brightness that these colors can bring to room decor. Help them realize the beauty and power of adding dynamic or subtle patterns, textures and hues to their home interiors.

Many home, condo and apartment dwellers have one or two antique or retro items of decor that they cherish. These items may have belonged to a favorite elderly relative. Perhaps these DIY home decorators found these vintage treasures at an estate auction or garage sale. Their problem is how to include these older items when redesigning the rooms of their homes.

With  your passion for and knowledge of different styles of decor, you can enlighten these blog readers on this topic. You can help them feature a shabby-chic credenza in a modern minimalist living room. You can assist them with displaying a large abstract-expressionist painting that includes bold colors in a sedate, neutral-toned traditional styled dining room.

You can even resolve a family squabble over whether to decorate the den with vintage rockers or brightly-colored leather poufs. Of course, with your acquired home decor expertise, you can incorporate both as a peaceful resolution for the entire household. You can even find space for a canine or feline snoozing basket to please the family pets as well. Your site will soon be known as a leader among the best home blogs.

5. Offer Interesting Information and Updates

Your blog audience is always interested in reading about the latest decor trends, information, updates and discounts. New wood finishes and updates concerning enamel paint for furniture and accessories surfaces are ongoing popular topics. Also of high value and interest to readers are posts explaining the best treatments for cleaning and maintaining kitchen countertops. Such posts will soon make your site one of the most popular home decor blogs. For example:

Best home decor blogs

Whether their kitchens and bar areas have butcher block, marble, granite or quartz countertops, updates on maintenance are important. Once your blog is active, include tags at the end of each post that lead readers to your earlier posts. Your audience will be pleased to gain more information by reading these other posts that are relevant to your current topics.

6. Entertain Your Audience and Put Them at Ease

The best home decor blogs put readers at ease while informing and entertaining them. Your ultimate goal should be providing your audience with the information and know-how to feel confident about home decorating. You want them to feel totally at ease when selecting paint colors, fabrics, furniture and accessories for their home interiors.

To capture and hold their interest and attention, entertain them with amusing stories and anecdotes. Tell them about common home design and decor mishaps and how these creative calamities were resolved. The more entertainment, interesting data and valuable tips that your posts offer, the larger your loyal audience will become.

Blogs About Decor for Your Homes’ Specific Rooms 

If you need general or specific advice about choosing decor for various rooms in your home, there are great online sources to visit. These all-inclusive home design and decor websites guide you to making quality choices when selecting room design elements. They enlighten you about the best ways of mixing and matching decor styles to achieve your ideal room interior decor.

On the Young House Love website, home decorating partners, John and Sherry, offer a vast array of outstanding home renovations ideas and solutions. Aside from displaying stunning images of home decor, they explain in detail how to achieve these beautiful results. They provide clear, concise tutorials involving simple improvements, furniture updates and general or specific decorating tips. This explains the site’s high rating among the most popular home decor blogs. The image below shows the Young House Love website:

Best home decor blogs

Best Blogs for Vintage and Repurposed Furniture

By visiting websites focused on older furnishings, you can get updated tips on antique rehabbing and vintage furniture re-crafting. You can learn all about complete room and home makeovers and get advice about simple decor tweaking. You can also discover the best sources for thrifty purchases of vintage furnishings and accessories.

When you visit The Painted Hive site, you can get the latest tips on refurbishing vintage furniture for your home interiors. You can gain valuable advice about ideal finishes to use on retro items to achieve your desired look and ambiance. You can also learn the best venues for finding treasured antiques at discount prices to enhance your home decor. For example:

Best home decor blogs

Blogs about Best Practices for DIY Projects

If DIY projects are your favorite type of home design and decorating, there are many online sources for gaining expert guidance. Even if you have undertaken do-it-yourself tasks in the past, each new project can pose different challenges and issues. The best DIY sites offer experienced advice concerning a wide variety of home revitalizing projects that you can complete yourself.

On the Old Brand New website, you can view images and tutorials with detailed instructions about completing successful DIY projects. You can gain valuable knowledge about shopping for ideal supplies and items for your home updates. Best of all, these pros reveal how to make even your beginning DIY home decor projects look professional and stunning. You will soon agree that this site offers one of the best DIY interior design blogs. For instance:

Best home decor blogs

Top-Rated Blogs for Choosing Color Schemes

One of the most important aspects of home design and decor is selecting color schemes for your rooms. Everyone has favorite colors and combinations of hues. Yet many people are unsure about choosing the ideal color groups to best decorate a room or open-plan living space. Attempting to come to a decision on room and decor colors can delay redecorating projects significantly.

Will Taylor, founder of Bright.Bazaar, offers his audience an endless array of innovative color and style ideas for decor. His website and blog are now known around the globe for Will’s “Make you smile style.” He puts his readers at ease to use fashion and travel photographs as inspiration for home interior colors. He also offers creative and practical tips for selecting room color schemes that you will never grow tired of. You can understand why this site is considered one of the most beautiful home decor blogs. Here is an example of some of the gorgeous photos used in his blog:

Best home decor blogs

Best Budget Decorating Blogs for Stylish Home Makeovers

Although many home, condo and apartment dwellers worry about the costs associated with redecorating, low-cost improvements can be stunning. In fact, many interior design experts and bloggers focus on ideal ways to decorate or update your home on a limited budget. With some good advice and a good eye for color and design, you can create beautiful new yet low-cost interiors.

By consulting the Maison de Pax site, you can discover many ways of creating captivating interiors at great cost savings. You can learn how and when to cut your spending budget while achieving rich, expensive looking interior design results. This site also reveals that in most home makeovers, less is more in terms of achieving pleasing fashion and functionality. For example:

Best home decor blogs

Ways to Generate Income from Your Interior Decor Blog

There are several ways to generate money from your decor blog, including the following:

  • Onsite Ads. By placing ads on your blogging site, you can generate income. However, this method is most profitable for full-time bloggers since it requires attracting significant web traffic volumes to your site.
  • Promote Products. You can also promote sales of other brands’ products and receive a commission by including affiliate links on your blog site. When a customer buys a product after clicking your blog’s corresponding affiliate link, you receive a commission.
  • Sell Your Own Products. You can advertise your own brand’s products on your blog and make a profit when a reader makes a purchase.
  • Gain New Clients. If you are an active home decor expert, you can gain new clients for your business among your blog readers. Realizing your interior design and decor expertise, they will most likely request your assistance with their home improvement projects.

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Keep Your Blog Fresh and Interactive

Offering fresh, innovative input on your blog and interacting with your new and loyal audience is essential to your blogging success. You can achieve these goals in the following ways:

1. Discuss Current and Evolving Trends

By constantly discussing new and evolving trends in home design and decor in your blog posts, you can build readership. Both new and loyal readers will maintain their connections with your blog to stay updated on decorating styles and methods. Experimenting with different combinations of color, furnishings and accessories gives home dwellers greater confidence for performing their interior updates. They will give your site high ratings as one of the most beautiful home decor blogs.

2. Get to Know Your Readers’ Interests and Needs

Offer audience surveys on your blog to determine your readers’ major interests and needs in terms of designing and redecorating their homes. Readers are always pleased and impressed when bloggers respond to their requests and suggestions. By writing about topics that interest your audience the most, you can gain many loyal followers.

3. Write About Mixing and Matching Varied Styles of Decor

By blogging about mixing and matching different styles of decor, you encourage your audience to learn about varied decor modes. You also help them to get comfortable with combining various eras and styles of furnishings and accessories. You enable them to get accustomed to trusting their own tastes and preferences when decorating or refurbishing their homes.

4. Encourage Reader Comments

At the end of each of your blog posts, encourage your readers to leave comments. This is an ideal way of receiving direct audience input and reactions concerning your blogging content. Your audience will also be pleased that you request their comments on your posts, and they will feel directly connected to your blogging purpose and efforts.

5. Include a Reader Forum to Promote Interaction

To promote additional and ongoing audience interaction, include a reader forum on your blog. This allows and encourages ongoing interaction between you and your readers. It also enables your audience to interact among themselves, discussing decor topics, styles and best practices for home decorating success. Your forum will encourage your readers to rate your site highly among the best DIY interior design blogs.

Diib®: Create the Best Home Decor Blog Today!

Writing the best home decor blog can be innovative, exciting and rewarding. By including outstanding examples of the top-rated room furnishings, fabrics and decor styles, you can inspire your readers. As your blogging audience grows, you will reap the satisfying rewards of a loyal following and financial profits from ads and promotional techniques.

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Below are a few steps you can take to start your home decor blog:

  1. Figure out the main focus of your home decor blog.
  2. Decide on a domain name.
  3. Secure a hosting site for your blog.
  4. Install WordPress or another blogging platform.
  5. Determine a theme for your blog.
  6. Install any other plugins that you might find useful.

There are two things you can do to get your home decor blog noticed. The first thing you need to do is become familiar with SEO strategies. These are things like using the right keywords, building links back to your site, and more. Using these strategies will help your blog rank higher on Google or other search engines. The second thing you should do is become familiar with social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest are great ways to spread the word of your home decor blog.

Yes, you should start a home decor blog in 2021. Many people think that blogs are dying fast because of YouTube or other video platforms, but this is not true. Many people still go to blogs and websites for instructions on how to decorate their homes or to learn about DIY. Videos are harder to follow along when trying to complete a project like this.

Here are a few examples of places you can promote your home decor blog:

  • Facebook pages and groups
  • Pinterest boards and pins
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn Groups

Blogging started out as just a hobby for a lot of people. Many bloggers would do it on the side as well as working a full or part time job. Today, people still use blogging in this way however, they are also starting blogs as an online profession. Creating a blog is now more than just a hobby and is quite profitable.


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