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Backlink Indexing: an Ideal Way to Improve Ranking

Improve your backlinks + SEO in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best link building tools in the world and can help you build your own high-quality backlinks. If you’d prefer you can also purchase high-quality backlinks at 50% off as a member.


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Backlink Indexing: an Ideal Way to Improve Ranking

Read time 9 min read
Backlink Indexing: an Ideal Way to Improve Ranking

Improve your backlinks + SEO in 60 seconds! Diib is one of the best link building tools in the world and can help you build your own high-quality backlinks. If you’d prefer you can also purchase high-quality backlinks at 50% off as a member.


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The process of identifying and getting quality backlinks can be tasking. Most people relax after this tedious process thinking the work is behind them. However, indexing backlink is essential to ensure your hard work pays off. These quality links you have worked so hard to obtain are not only identified by Google but work to build your traffic and overall Google rank of your site.

What is backlink indexing?

Backlink indexing refers to the process of acknowledgment of backlinks and their subsequent adoption and addition to search engines. Therefore, knowing how to get backlinks indexed plays a vital role in ensuring your hard work is identified by search engines and available to your audience. This identification is vital as it helps you build a brand and align yourself with renowned websites likely to help you drive your traffic and grow your numbers. Thus, using free online backlink indexers and the best backlink indexing software ensures you get quality backlinks and ease the indexing process.


  1. Improves organic search and rankings

Using indexing tools and Google backlink indexers ensure you learn how to get a backlink indexed, and your site is quickly identified and ranks better in SERPs. It means that more people are likely to see your site and visit it giving it an upper hand. Those with keyword combinations existing in your account will get organic direction to your site, enabling you to build traffic organically. Properly indexed backlinks also ensure your site is counted among authorities and appears at the top of most search engines.t

  1. Boosts domain and page authority

The quality and quantity of inbound links are used to rank a page’s authority and relevance in a particular subject. Websites with quality indexed backlinks thus get the upper hand as their information is identified and ranked by Google backlink indexer, helping them know their place. For websites with quality indexed backlinks, their domain and page authority go up, promoting their brand and granting them a voice in a particular subject. It is thus essential to ensure all backlinks in your site are indexed, and your hard work does not go in vain to ensure your page authority grows and places you at the top. To make sure your domain and page authority is improving with the quality indexed backlinks use tools such as Moz to track them. For example:

Backlink Indexing: an Ideal Way to Improve Ranking

(Image Credit: SEOPressor Connect)

  1. Generate referral traffic

Referral traffic generated from well-indexed backlinks. Referral traffic is essential for every website, especially if their site is strategically placed. Links in sites that experience high traffic can get more clicks increasing the number of people who visit the site and generate sales.

Indexed backlinks mean Google identifies them; thus, any website that uses them is likely to drive traffic back to your site, ensuring referral traffic success. They also ensure visitors do not get an error message when they click on your URL, especially for those located on busy websites.

  1. Branding

Indexed backlinks open you up to larger traffic, offering an opportunity for free branding. This exposure provides an opportunity for your brand’s advertisement and marketing, helping you shape your brand and increase your authority in the field. Indexed backlinks not only help make you visible but, when properly placed, attaches you to authority sites that help you build your brand. With every new content placed and visitors who come to your site, more content is produced and a new angle introduced to your site, helping you diversify your brand.

  1. Relationship building

Backlinks indexing helps you build a solid relationship. It provides an opportunity for you to reach out to your competitors and seniors in the field. Your work becomes the leverage used to open new doors and help you build your brand while elevating yours. It creates a win-win situation and introduces you to more people in your field.

How to index backlinks fast

Now that you have understood the benefits and importance of backlinks indexing, let us dive into how to index backlinks fast to ensure you continually generated traffic and excellent Google rankings.

  1. Have quality content

Excellent content has high engagement and more shares. Many authoritative sites vet links before accepting them to ensure the content is relevant, well thought through, and adds value to their site. It means that the more authoritative sites like your job, the higher your page URLs’ chances of being indexed fast.

The use of other tools such as Grammarly also ensures that your content is free of any grammatical error and spelling mistakes. It ensures you provide engaging and excellent quality that ranks higher on Google sites making the indexing process short.

  1. Be patient and wait for Google to adapt your backlinks naturally

The process of indexing backlinks takes between 5-14 days. It means that you need to practice some patience for about two weeks to allow Google to crawl through your page and properly analyze your backlinks to enable it naturally to index your backlinks. Giving Google the time it needs ensures your backlinks are indexed faster and provides order that may reduce the time.

Changing these links before time lapses may work against you by increasing the time. For example, if you placed a backlink and left it for four days, then replaced it with another before Google had enough time to crawl it, you take the process back to the beginning reducing your chances of fast indexation; thus, this is one of those instances where patience pays.

  1. Build tier two links

Tier two links refer to links that point to the first page that has your content. In simple terms tier, two is a second link that points to the first link. For example, suppose you write content for a page and promote it using your social media handles, such as Instagram or Facebook. In that case, the social media links will qualify as tier two links pointing back to your primary link. Information shared by guests or posted on guest websites also serve as tier two links and are used to help in fast indexing and building of traffic. Here is an example of a tier two link:

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Backlink Indexing: an Ideal Way to Improve Ranking

(Image Credit: Search Engine Land)

  1. Share your information on social media.

Sharing of information on social media is essential in helping you on how to get backlinks indexed faster by providing an avenue of building two-tier links and ensuring you reap from the buzz created by social media awareness. Running campaigns online that drive traffic to your page creates high traffic, attracting more people to the site.

The high traffic and continual reference to the page increase its ranking capabilities, placing it on Google’s radar. The social media buzz not only increases your indexing chances but creates worthiness and helps you build a brand and increase your authority in the field.

  1. Submit URLs to Google search console

Submitting your URLs through the Google webmaster tool helps Google identify your URLs, reducing the number of times it takes to index backlinks. The process is easy and straightforward, helping you tremendously reduce the number of days it takes to index your backlinks. The number of URLs you can place is around 500, providing you with an opportunity to determine how much work you want to be done. The image below shows how to submit a URL into Google search console:

Backlink Indexing: an Ideal Way to Improve Ranking

(Image Credit: Ahrefs)

  1. Ping Your page URLs through backlink indexer

Pinging is an excellent way of letting Google know that you have a new update or new content in your blog. Ensure to do it correctly and not overdo the process. Just like a person continually nagging a person over the same thing is likely to annoy them rather than motivate them to take a look at it and consider indexing them. Ensure you enter your page’s URL through a backlink indexer to enable Google to see it and index it faster.

  1. Build links for relevance

Ensure the links you build are relevant and have chances of being indexed. You can achieve this by working on the content to generate informative, non-plagiarized, and contains superior language, keywords, and information. This way, the link is not only relevant but provides value. Another way of building relevant links is by referencing authoritative sites and having relevant sites.

This act ensures you collaborate with authorities in your field and build links with useful, relevant information. To find target sites that help you build your backlinks and have them indexed, ensure you monitor your competitors to see where they are getting links. Utilize software that helps you filter out potential sites and reach out to the sites. You do not have to increase your backlinks and have them indexed by being relevant.

Improve your backlinks + SEO in 60 seconds!

Diib is one of the best link building tools in the world and can help you build your own high-quality backlinks. If you’d prefer you can also purchase high-quality backlinks at 50% off as a member.

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For example “www.diib.com”

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Syncs with Google Analytics

Link Building

Tools To Aid in Indexing of Backlinks

Google search console

Google search console is a free Google backlink indexer tool previously known as Google webmaster tool. The platform is one of the best backlinking software that offers various services, one of them being indexing of backlinks. Google console features highlight weaknesses in your sites and helps you fix them. It has unique features that crawl through your site to help you identify unindexed backlinks and help introduce fresh unindexed backlinks to Google easing the process of indexation.

Google search console is also loved for its ability to inform Google once your site has corrected a problem to ensure Google identifies you and indexes your work. It works as an individual advocate championing their work to be placed on the map while providing the necessary tools needed to index your work correctly.

The search analytics ensure you understand which queries bring users to your site, helping you build relevant content that is rich and new to the market. It also ensures you are not just writing but answering your users’ needs. Its ability to submit URLs for crawling ensures your site is quickly indexed. Also, it provides a detailed analysis of how Google sees your sites and analyses your URLs, ensuring you are strategic about your rankings and indexing needs. Here is a look at Google search console’s backlink tool:

Backlink Indexing: an Ideal Way to Improve Ranking

(Image Credit: SearchVIU)

Ping Farm

Ping farm is one of the oldest link indexers in the market. Its main purpose is to help you generate links and help you ping them. Ping farm plays a vital role by accelerating your indexing process through pinging your backlinks. It is an excellent tool that focuses only on generating links and helping you back them up and index them. It makes it essential as it is straightforward, easy to use, and focuses on one thing.

You get an opportunity to analyse the quality of your links, and for companies with large busy websites getting quality backlinks or referencing may be talking. Thus, this tool eases the process, ensuring you have the services of one of the best link indexers. Ping farm is also free, providing you with an opportunity to grow your business without having to pay a dime. This software provides you with an opportunity for those still learning about indexing of backlinks and its importance.

GSA SEO indexer

The GSA SEO indexer is one of the best backlink indexing software available in the market. The tool works to get your website indexed by strategically placing your information on major search engines and promotes crawling to ease identification and faster indexing. Also, GSA plays a vital role in forming tiered links working to generate links and information placed in your site. GSA works to build relatable content placed on social media platforms and spaces them out to drive traffic.

It also analyses your user’s behavior coming up with content and campaigns that drive results and helps you build your brand. The tool also has a one-time payment that opens you up to its features allowing you to use it for a lifetime. This SEO indexer not only embeds your worker in prominent search engines but ensures that the content in your pages are scored highly in SEO searches and have proper keywords, correct grammar and content to make it lucrative to Google and capture its attention. The image below shows GSA SEO Indexer’s backlinking tool:

Backlink Indexing: an Ideal Way to Improve Ranking

(Image Credit: Softpedia)


Indexification is a backlink indexing tool that works by introducing your links properly to search engines, making them look more important and allowing search engines to prioritize. Its set of tools and features ensures a high crawling and indexing rate, making your backlinks be Indexed faster. Indexification works to improve your relationship with Google enabling you to stay on the safe side and avoid Google’s punishments.

It also provides you with a simple dashboard; you can place your backlinks and allow it to do the rest of the work. Thus, it is easy to use and has an easy template that requires very little expertise to load. You get a tool that works for you ensuring excellent results and quick indexing. Its diverse services make the price minute as it offers various services that help you build a strong website.

One Hour Indexing

As the name suggests, One Hour Indexing allows you to get and ping quality backlinks providing enough information to help rank you higher in Google search within an hour. The tool works by building high-quality backlinks that make a site more visible. The tool goes through stored keywords to develop relevant keywords ideal for a topic ensuring your backlinks are filled with the correct content to help make it stand out. It has four payment plans helping you choose the best link indexer plan that works best for you.

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Lindexed uses AI and a set of technologies to help you generate and index your backlinks. It is one of the best backlinks indexing software that requires little knowledge and only needs you to copy and paste the link to enable their team to access your work and help with the indexing process. The software is fully loaded to help index your backlink and provide guidance on how to get your backlinks indexed.


Pingler is an excellent SEO tool and one of the best link indexers that focuses on increasing backlinks by helping you quickly ping pages and score highly on Google search engines. The site works by introducing you to top blogs in your field and helping them know about your content. It works by updating thousands of websites in your niche on every new topic uploaded, helping you generate backlinks and work closely with Google to ensure these leads are indexed and properly ranked. For example:

Backlink Indexing: an Ideal Way to Improve Ranking


Pingdom is a third-party backlink indexing tool that provides overall website performance and excellent digital performance that entails processing quality backlinks and their placement. Its unique features and integrated abilities ensure backlinks are properly indexed, and constant communication with Google search engines ensures frequent crawling that makes the indexing process shorter. Pingdom provides a variety of services, making it ideal for the general well being of your site.

Diib®: Check Your Backlink Indexing and Health Here!

Many free online backlink indexing tools provide excellent services if you are running on a tight budget. They will help you reach your goal without spending much. Diib Digital can help you see whether these free tools are working well for you or if you need additional help. Here are some of the features that can help you backlinking efforts:

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In order to rank higher, you’re looking at around 10 weeks to see results. For the search engine to index your backlink it usually takes under one week.

First off, login to your Monitor Backlinks account and navigate to “backlinks”. On this page, you’ll find all the links that are directed to your website.

A backlink is what happens when a page from another website links to a page on your own website. They signal to search engines that your site is higher quality with relevant, worthwhile information.

It is possible that Google can’t access your pages containing links. Pages could be using some form of redirect that isn’t search engine friendly.

Building as many as 10 backlinks per day is ideal. Even ir you successfully build 20-30 backlinks, you’ll still only get credit for a maximum of 10 per day.


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