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Our SSD drive recovery engineers have 22 years of experience in data recovery.

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SSD Data Recovery, NVME Data Recovery, M2 Data Recovery, PCIe Data Recovery, Broken SSD Data Recovery, Water Damage Data Recovery, Failed SSD Recovery, SSD Repair, Dead SSD Data Recovery, Solid State Drive Data Recovery


Recover SSD drive data, logical, physical damage or corruption. The founder Bruce Cullen was called when the Mars Rover broke down on Mars due to a data glitch, and was published in Popular Mechanics magazine. Recover-SSD recovered the Helios mission data for NASA. The Helios craft was submerged under salt water for months. Recover-SSD works with major corporations and every day users of SSD drives and storage devices.

The headquarters of Recover-SSD can be found in Las Vegas. Recover-SSD manages cases worldwide each day. Starting in 1999, Recover-SSD has specialized in solid state drive data retrieval. We witnessed the anguish and despair SSD customers felt when they realized their data was gone forever. Data is usually recoverable. Most people have no idea if it is even possible to recover deleted files from corrupted or damaged solid state drives. Recover-SSD is aware that it is possible to recover data from badly corrupted or damaged storage devices, whether it be photos, documents, or something else entirely.

Fixing a Dead SSD and Recovering Its Contents. Can I Recover Data from a Physically Damaged SSD?

YES! Even if an SSD drive has been severely damaged, it may still be salvageable. Data recovery from a damaged SSD is never a pleasant experience. SSD  got run over, you spilled your drink, you accidentally formatted your SSD. The flash memory inside the drive must be intact for data recovery from an SSD to be possible.

Typically, NAND Memory is not the malfunctioning component. Corrupted SSD controller firmware is a common cause of inaccessible SSD data. We can repair the data on any broken or unrecognized solid-state drive. Extreme physical damage might have occurred within many cases.

Our rates are far below the market average. Our basic SSD data recovery service starts at less than $150. Pricing and details on available add-on services can be found on the pricing page.

Both portable and stationary Solid State Drives (SSDs) are major areas of interest for Recover-SSD. However, Recover-SSD has extensive experience in retrieving information from NAND flash chips and NAND wafers. Furthermore, Recover-SSD aims for NAND flash memory and devices that incorporate NAND flash internally. Knowledgeable personnel will assist you through each stage of recovering data from a solid-state drive. Finally, the price of recovering data from SSDs is lower than that of Recover-SSDs rivals. If you have lost data on NAND wafers or NAND flash chips, Recover-SSD can help you recover it in a safe, secure, and affordable manner.

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