Diib makes incredible online growth easy for any business owner, anywhere in the world.

No coding or experience needed. Seriously, it is that easy!

Growth Plan

Every business needs a Growth Plan! We’ll quickly show you how to easily improve your:

  • SEO
  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Visitor experience based on real data

Website Monitoring

Sleep easy tonight! We automate Website Monitoring to let you know if we detect any issues

  • Speed/Security monitoring
  • Email deliverability (make sure your emails don’t go to spam)
  • Rankings changes
  • Competitor activity

Weekly Snapshot email

Feeling busy? Your new Weekly Snapshot gives you a quick glimpse into how your business is performing online.

  • Traffic and rankings changes
  • Social performance and local map (if applicable) statistics
  • New opportunities for growth
  • Security, speed, and SEO overview

Daily Health Score

Your Daily Health Score is the easiest way to check if your website is healthy. We combine 12 metrics into a single score that assesses your website’s overall performance. We even take into account how you are performing versus similar websites!

  • Utilizes an advanced predictive algorithm
  • Examines growth, user experience, social, mobile and more
  • Adapts to seasonality and day-of-week variations to accurately gauge website health


Every website is unique but it is still helpful to see how you are performing versus similar websites. Is your bounce rate abnormally high? How good is your percentage of return visitors?

  • See how your website stacks up against the competition
  • Improve the areas where you are underperforming
  • Track your progress versus other websites

Up to 30 websites

Managing multiple websites can be difficult. Diib lets you add up to 30 websites to your PRO account and provides a useful overview of all of their performance at once. Quickly spot portfolio priorities and then drill down to what matters most.

  • See all your websites’ performance on one screen
  • Get alerts and monitoring for multiple websites

Professional help anytime

Need help choosing keywords? Just ask. Wondering why your website is slow or how come a competitor shows up above you. No problem. Just ask your friendly diib Growth Expert for some help (included in all PRO plans).

  • Average of 10+ years of SEO and digital marketing
  • Experts in SEO, social, platform issues, and advertising
  • Deep experience with Wordpress, Wix, Shopify,
Woo, and most other platforms

SEO & keywords

We don’t just show you keyword rankings, we help you get new ones! Even better, if a ranking drops we’ll let you know what page on your website was affected and what changed so you can fix it (Rank Guard™ requires data history and automatically begins 30 days after you upgrade to any PRO account).

  • Track your important SEO keywords and backlinks
  • Monitor your competitors
  • Get new keyword and content ideas
  • All PRO accounts include Rank Guard™

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