International KuneKune Pig Society

United States, International

When you join IKKPS you are joining an interactive KuneKune Registry.

Main Services:

KuneKune Registry, Registration Services for KuneKunes, Personalized Member Services, Advertising opportunities for KuneKune Breeders, Meet & Great Zoom Virtual Meeting with other breeders, KuneKune multifaceted Online Herd Book, Learn about the KuneKune Pig Breed, Website and Logos for KuneKune Breeders, Education to learn about KuneKunes, eBooks

International KuneKune Pig Society

You are not a number among a long list. We spend hours and hours a week promoting YOU as a KuneKune Breeder in social media FREE, we promote your KuneKunes for sale on your farm , your farm products and we promote your farm. There is no other KuneKune Registry that does that. That alone is worth your membership fee.

However, we take it a step even further by offering great benefits, personal phone calls to assist you, fast registration turn around times, events, meet and greets and shows coming soon, all while encouraging your interact with other KuneKune Breeders and the KuneKune Registry.

KKPS was created for all KuneKune Breeders and enthusiast of the KuneKune breed. We are proud to be the first KuneKune Registry that provides a permanent solution for all KuneKune Breeders and is open to members in the United States, Canada and all other countries that share the love of this incredible breed of KuneKune Pigs.

We are the first KuneKune Registry to offer:

· Members engagement in all the decision-making processes
· Official four generation pedigrees with photos
· Herd Book with photos within the pedigrees
· In depth research into a KuneKunes pedigree and lineage regardless of membership
· New breeder’s tool to help make breeding decisions
· Amazing free membership benefits to truly help a breeder be successful
· Numerous ways to promote individual farms and breeders
· Will forever remain membership driven and this cannot be changed
· One of the most experienced KuneKune Registrar in the USA

We pride ourselves on personalized customer service including personal calls with our membership so that we may be more helpful to the individual KuneKune breeders.

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