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Eco friendly scented soy candles , Luxury vegan bath salts

Ralph’s Orchard Limited

My name is Jo, and I’m the owner and candle maker at Ralph’s Orchard. I love creating scented soy wax candles in quirky and elegant containers. My candles can light up your world and fill your room with wonderful fragrance.

I want my children to love the planet and see the natural wonders I have been so lucky to experience, and so to do my part I use only vegan and eco-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients in all my quirky upcycled candles and luxury bath salts.

Your home is your haven and you can feel truly relaxed and contented when lighting one of my luxury scented soy wax candles, whether while reading a book or watching tv on your own, celebrating an occasion, or entertaining family and friends. They come in a variety of upcycled containers, from elegant to funky and outdoorsy. The candles all have wonderful scents which will throw lashings of fragrance into any room, large or small.

Soy wax is environmentally friendly and more sustainable than paraffin wax. It is biodegradable and burns cleaner resulting in much fewer soot particles in the air. Soy wax also burns slower as it has a lower melting point, so your candles will last much longer.

Because soy wax is 100% natural, imperfections can occur, most commonly you may see a little bit of crystallization on top of the candle. This does not affect the performance or quality of the candle at all and is just a result of the wax trying to return back to its natural form.

Pure essential oils are used in many of our candles, these are indicated in the item descriptions. Essential oils are purely derived from the plants, flowers and herbs. These candles will have a more delicate scent to create a soothing or uplifting ambience. If not indicated as having essential oils, fragrance oils of the highest quality are used. These candles will have a more intense scent, and will emit wonderful fragrance even when not lit!

Our wicks are made from organic cotton and are eco-friendly, lead free, non toxic, paraffin free, and contain no zinc or other metals. They are dipped in organic soy wax are smokeless and slow-burning.

I hope you love my candles and that they bring peace and calm into your home and to your loved ones.

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