Meo Training

Australia, Camp Hill

Training in Electrotechnology

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Meo Training

Meo Training is a Registred Training Organization offering training in Electrotechnology. At Meo Training we believe that each student is different and has different needs, strengths and background. So we believe that the training has to be adapted to ones necessities, and not be the same to everyone.

We developed our course, resources and structure exactly with that adaptability and flexibility in mind. Our courses can be done online or face-to-face, or anything in between. In other words, each qualification can be done as much or as little face to face or online as wanted, from doing everything online*, with no need to come to campus, to doing everything face-to-face, or doing some face-to-face and some online, with no additional costs, no hidden fees and no complications. Each student is in charge of it’s learning because each student knows what’s the best path for reaching the best learning outcome.

Meo Training. Your Training, your way.

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