Those One Liners

Portugal, Lisbon

All the clothing is organic cotton and recycled materials

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clothing , mugs , tshirts , sweatshirts , hoodies

Those One Liners

Those One Liners (TOL) does minimalist line art on sustainable, nature-friendly material. All designs are hand-drawn in a studio in Lisbon, Portugal. They are done in minimalist and abstract style representing various themes from people to animals.

Continuous line drawings, or one-line drawings, express shapes using a single unbroken line. Once you start, the only rule is that the pen never leaves the paper until the drawing is finished. They are an excellent way of simplifying the world around us by only showing what is essential. Simple does not mean limiting, though: they come in many different levels of complexity depending on the artist. The style is in alignment with TOL’s emphasis on minimalism.

Along with men’s and women’s cut tees, sweats, and hoodies, you can also get ceramic and enamel mugs with your favourite design.

TOL started at the end of 2020 when the world was going through a change. That year showed us how connected we are to our planet and its conditions. It also highlighted how vital sharing and equality is. We want to take our place in contributing to a solution in both issues.

TOL emphasizes awareness and nature and wants to have long-term and short-term impact through its line drawings. In both, we work with partners that help us achieve our goals transparently. Our long-term target is to support the reforestation of the planet by planting trees. In the short term, we would like to contribute by sharing a part of the earnings with charities working on causes we support.

Planting trees is, of course, good, but it takes a long time for them to start to show an effect. While we wait for our trees to grow, we do more by donating a part of the earnings. There are a significant number of charities that work on causes we’d like to support. So, we find those that align with our values and talk about them to incite awareness on our social media channels. DailyKarma – Shop for Good handles the donations on our part. You can always find the current cause we support on the home page.

We announce a charity on the web page and donate 5% of the earnings to a cause it supports. This month we support the Great Barrier Reef Foundation who work to restore the Australian Great Barrier Reef. The reef provides a home to iconic species like Nemo, the clownfish.

Its long-term impact is to plant 5 trees for each purpose through Eden Reforestation Projects. Ecologi helps us do that transparently. Despite starting just a few months ago, TOL already has more than 600 trees planted. You can always see the total number of trees planted on the footer of the website.

All the clothing is organic cotton and recycled materials. Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic and persistent chemicals as pesticides or fertilizers. It is softer and more comfortable to wear. It is also a sustainable alternative to conventional cotton. The methods used in its farming is much safer for the environment; it requires 91% less water and 62% less energy for production and lends support to local farmers.

The clothing has the Global Organic Textile Standard and Fair Wear certifications. They to make sure that the material complies with the regulations and all people who work on producing them are compensated fairly and comply with ethical production standards.

The packages are also sent in plastic-free packaging to lower the environmental impact. Each item is made to order, so there is never any waste.

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