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Family members who have lost a loved one or is seriously injured on or off duty

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Shirts , Hats , Underwear , Yoga pants , Tank top , Workout wear , Pony tail hats , Dress , Stickers , Button up shirts


We started The InkdDaddy with a goal in mind. We wanted to start a non profit to help families of the fallen. Family members who have lost a loved one or is seriously injured on or off duty. Military or police or first responders. We wanted to help. But we didn’t want to start a traditional non profit due to the legal process of funding it. So we started a brand label to help get name out in the public to eventually send profits to non profits until we are able to start our own. This way, there is no CEO or CFO taking a salary and no employees of the non profit. The money that is raised goes fully to families we are trying to help. So TheInkdDaddy was created. We hope to take it to private label soon. As of right now we are still white label brand. We are based out of the Bay Area in California. A lot of family and friends have served or are still serving in our communities and/or for the country. So in honor of our loved ones. We want to help their fellow brothers and sisters who put their life on the line on a daily to keep us all safe! To let them know there are a lot of us out here who support them 100%. Soplease help us spread the word. Help us grow to a brand that actually helps people. For now we donate 20% of our profits. We hope to make enough revenue to donate up to 60% one day. Thanks for reading. Get home safe and Shine on.

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