The pastry Lab

Australia, Caloundra

Chris & Emily opened The Pastry Lab in 2020 to showcase the skills and knowledge Chris has learnt from various pastry chefs around the world.

Main Services:

Croissants - Cruffins - Cakes - Tarts - Savouries - Sandwiches Light Lunch - Catering - Espresso Bar - Milkshakes - Celebration Cakes - High Tea Brewing Espresso, V60 Filter & Cold Brew from First Batch Coffee Roasters Noosa

The pastry Lab

Chris started his apprenticeship when he was 16 at your typical Aussie bakery. He stayed there for 11 years before undertaking various mentorships to learn from some of the World’s Best Pastry Chefs. He has now been a Pastry Chef for 16 years.

Chris has Maltese roots but grew up on the Sunshine Coast. He has learnt from Australian, French and American pastry chefs lending to his Modern French Fusion pastry style.

Emily works in the background, running social media and looking after their baby boy Elliott. She is a qualified Medical Scientist which is where the inspiration for “The Pastry Lab” came from.

Chris and Emily’s focus is on high-quality ingredients and creating innovative products that you don’t often see in other bakeries.

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