The Elephant Eco Store

United Kingdom, Portishead

Aotearoad products, handmade with aroha (love) in New Zealand

Main Services:

natural deodorants , eco friendly cosmetics , natural moisturising lip balms , plastic free toothpaste , compostable wooden toothbrushes , Aotearoad products , paraben free shampoo bars , biodegradable and organic sanitary products , natural handmade soaps , natural skin care

The Elephant Eco Store

At The Elephant, we truly believe that luxury personal care should not cost the Earth. Founded by Leighton and Sarah from their kitchen table, we passionately believe that our home planet needs to be protected and nurtured, for the benefit of ourselves, our children, and future generations. The brand is inspired by the wisdom and compassion of our favourite animal, and a shared love of the natural world.

Sarah worked in sales for many years, in the field of high-end cosmetics. She v eventually became disillusioned by the amount of plastic and other waste being needlessly generated across the industry.

Leighton served many years in the British Army, then eventually retrained as a wellbeing coach, working in private practice. He developed a passion for health, and particularly, the biological impact of what we put in and on our bodies.

Seeing how tricky it can be to navigate the minefield of ‘greenwashing’, and finding eco-friendly and body-friendly products that actually WORK – Sarah and Leighton came up with The Elephant, as a means of simplifying the process so that more and more busy families, as well as eco-conscious individuals can be empowered to make the switch!

The Elephant leads its range with the fantastic Aotearoad products, handmade with aroha (love) in New Zealand. The name means ‘path to the pure land’ in Maori. This range of natural, plant-based deodorants, moisturisers, lip balms, skin and hair care products are not only highly effective, but are packaged in completely compostable tubes. Already huge in New Zealand, The Elephant are proud to be the first (currently the only) UK supplier of the Aotearoad range.

We have broadened our range to cover all personal care needs – including bamboo and beechwood toothbrushes, natural and plastic free toothpastes, eco beard care, female sanitary care and more.

The Elephant’s motto is ‘World Care IS Self Care’ – and in this spirit, we seek to educate people, inspire them, and ease the transition into a kinder, more sustainable way of living.

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