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Teavaro truly connects brands and their customers, driving privacy-compliant personalised engagement across any media and device

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Teavaro truly connects brands and their customers, driving privacy-compliant personalised engagement across any media and device. Our Customer Data Platform addresses the personalisation challenges marketers face leveraging their existing technology stack and investments. We offer improved omnichannel identity resolution, real-time data activation and unification to ensure customer experiences are relevant and impactful. Our cloud-based solution is designed for scale and marketing agility, providing increased conversions and customer loyalty for a greater marketing ROI.
The Teavaro CDP is a cloud-based (AWS) SaaS platform that integrates data of any type into a unified customer profile and stores full histories on customers and prospects in MongoDB and Postgres databases.
First-party identity resolution – or the ability to connect your customer data to active users’ devices – is key to improving marketing insights, optimising ad spend, and delivering a good customer experience.
The tech giant platforms (Facebook, Google, etc) have managed to provide a personalized experience tailored to a user’s preferences and needs, and they can do this because users identify themselves by logging in to use these platforms. Most brands and publishers, however, have only a few percent of their customer base logging in and therefore simply do not know who visits their website. Creating a 360˚ view of the customer and personalizing the digital experience is assumed by most MarTech vendors, but in reality very few companies are even close to attaining this. The core challenge is to connect the customers known in your CRM system with those that use your own website or even the websites of your media partners. To achieve this, marketers must put lots of effort into first-party identity resolution, overcoming identification issues including browser restrictions on third-party cookies and ad blockers.
FunnelConnect® Identity Management overcomes the many identification challenges by providing a unique set of capabilities for identity resolution across devices, channels, and domains. With an identity graph supporting identification throughout the lifecycle from anonymous visitor to loyal customer, our FunnelAnalyst® identification dashboard helps to monitor progress in the digital identification and cross-domain linking of your customers and leads. The platform excels at connecting disparate identities into a single view and using that enhanced view to strengthen online messaging in real time, including the ability to recognize consumers across corporate business domains. Data can be shared anywhere but is especially designed to support online media efforts.
Privacy capabilities are strong and, as Teavaro is an EMEA-based solution, supports the stringent privacy requirements of GDPR. Data is encrypted upon ingestion and users control compliance rules directly. “Listening” for behavioral data occurs via Apache Flink and is applied in real time trigger campaigns, user attribute updates and machine learning scores. Data “sharing” is also in real time, with over 99% of requests processed in under 50 milliseconds.
Today´s consumers have high expectations. They expect that companies will use their preferred communication channels and send them relevant messages at the right time. To meet these customer demands, companies must be able to personalize their digital communication across all touch points, whether users are browsing, using apps, on the go or at home. Brands that master personalisation will gain the ultimate competitive advantage through brand preference, customer loyalty and higher conversions.
Teavaro CDP provides full enhanced capabilities for Real Time Processing and delivers solutions for Channels, Data Sources, and 3rd-Party Applications support. Teavaro can connect to any channel and has particular strengths in connectivity to digital ad platforms (DMP & DSP). There are no limitations on which external data sources can be connected. Audiences/segments can be shared with any 3rd-party application for execution of marketing campaigns/messages and integrations exist to many of the larger marketing campaign platforms such as Adobe, Pegasystems, Utica (IBM Watson), SAS, Google, YouTube and Facebook.
Marketing organisations are especially reliant on accurate, timely and trustworthy data, to effectively interact with their customers. Marketers seek complete 360˚ customer profiles – also known as the “golden record” – constructed from accurate, timely data, to best interact with their customers. Through its identity graph and profile unification, FunnelManager® creates and maintains the customer’s “golden record”. This single customer record, combining data from multiple sources into a single view, provides the foundation for effective cross-channel, cross-device marketing personalisation.
Real time updates are a core strength, with over 95% of data calls processed in under 10 milliseconds. This capability enables messaging to be based on user attributes and machine learning model scores that are updated in real time. Data matching and integration is deterministic and data hygiene is supported in FunnelManager
Teavaro CDP provides solid Analytics & Reporting, Modeling & Scoring and Personalization capabilities together with Customer Journey Orchestration. Analytics and reporting are supported via the integration of 3rd-party tools. A combination of Kibana and ElasticSearch is used against event logs to monitor data processing and data trends — users can see both detail level data and visualizations for trend analysis. Amazon QuickSight allows users to access the database for tracking customer/prospect activity and KPIs.
Machine Learning modeling is provided (predictive, segmentation, cluster). Model scores can be updated in real time for enhanced personalization. Personalization can be controlled directly by users with boolean logic drop-down selections to create segments /audiences that are then exported to 3rd-party messaging platforms for campaign execution. Journey Orchestration through audience exports (managed directly by users) can be multi-channel and multi-offer within a campaign.
Teavaro excels at capturing online data and updating profiles in real-time and then using that updated data to deliver more personalized messages. The processing speed Teavaro achieves in real time exceeds what the majority of CDPs can provide today. Teavaro is certified as a RealCDP by the CDP Institute with best-in-class real time data management and real time personalization capabilities.
Enterprise companies with large-scale processing and personalization needs and a desire for custom configuration and a full-service support partner will find a good fit. Teavaro provides consulting services as needed but also has a burgeoning partner network with large service providers like Accenture Digital. Though relatively new to the CDP s pace, Teavaro’s capabilities are powerful and their vision to build an identity ecosystem alternative to the big marketplaces like Google and Facebook is ambitious

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