Sin Fronteras

United States, Santa Cruz Ca

Sin Fronteras IT is a small MSP just starting out. The company was founded by Ethan Fitzhenry out of desperation to try and maintain his dream of living in Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico.

Main Services:

NOC, SOC, 24x7 RMM services, Professional Services automation, IT Consutative Services, Staff training, Cybersecurity Services, Business continuity and backup disaster recovery solutions., Network Monitoring and management , Server and Desktop maintenance and support.

Sin Fronteras

Ethan had been living abroad and has worked in the MSP arena for 16 years. His Visa had been sponsored by his employer with a 4-year commitment via an implied contract derived from an oral agreement he had with his employer. The following three years the company proceeded to have it’s best year ever. The company was growing the owner had used the profits to open an additional cloud services company. The owner then started to have marital issues and a divorce loomed on the horizon. With no more profits to use for the divorce the owner decided to cut an employee to cover the divorce costs.

Ethan had been working around 10 hours of overtime weekly unpaid due to being a salary employee. He was responsible for the RMM services, network monitoring and customer backups. He was also the escalation point for all of the techs. After 3 years Ethan received the news his girlfriend was pregnant. He then subsequently decided to take some financial risks since he knew he had a year left of guaranteed employment and hoped his aggressive portfolio could help with the costs of the upcoming child. Ethan was going to report to his team the news about the upcoming child when his supervisor invited him to a conference call where he was informed of his termination after 5 years at the company. Ethan had no idea how to react. With no exit plan a baby on the way no way to make it back to the United States and no home to go to even if he did make it back. Ethan was Ineligable to work for a Mexican company per his visa terms Ethan so he looked for other remote work. Once the money of his last paycheck had run out he turned to his savings the majority of it was lost due to his aggressive portfolio. With just a handful of liquid cash Ethan decided to go big since he can’t go home. Realizing the lack of available work was not the issue he decided to form Sin Fronteras IT and a blog The gringo experience. Two and a half months later Ethan had his business plan his products ready an LLC formed and his site launched. His first day open he got 1 customer. It wasn’t much but it was a start. Determined to succeed Ethan looked to rank up his IT services website he pulled out his credit card bot a semrush an hrefs and a Diib subscription and decided to work.

Diib Reviews by our featured members:

"It seems a bit easier to understand than other SEO platforms. I have only used it for 2 days though. The price is a bit better than other platforms as well and I like being pointed in the direction I need to be going. Wish I could afford more of the services to be honest. Hopefully, I can get some customers and will be able to pay for them and get a number 1 spot."

Diib review by Sin Fronteras

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