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We strive to make the best camo on the planet. Quality and your success are our top priorities.

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3D Leafy Camo Face Masks, 3D Leafy Camo Gloves, 3D Leafy Camo Suits, Hat with Face Mask


We fully back our products so you never have to worry! We are also officially licensed with both Mossy Oak and Realtree Camo to give you the best patterns possible.

We started QuikCamo back in 2007 and have been improving the gear every year since.

We are based in Idaho, USA and this is our story:

Warren and Doug were destined to work together. The two had been great friends for many years. In early 2007 Nick was watching one of his favorite hunters, Will Primos, on an elk hunt. Will bulged, the bull bulged and closed the distance fast. Will had to put down his bow, take off his hat, struggle to find his mask and get it on, all while the bull of a lifetime was rushing in. Will got BUSTED by that bull elk, and Nick thought, “There’s gotta be a better way.”

Nick’s enthusiasm and Doug’s creativity worked well together as they collaborated on the mission of creating the ultimate face concealment system for the outdoorsman. The two tackled the issues of one handed operation, ease of use, eyewear compatibility, hearing friendly, UV protection, and the elimination of camo face paint. As they worked to create this new product, they quickly realized they had it right when they came up with the idea of building the mask right into the camo hat. That way, the outdoorsman would never have to search around for his mask in the heat of the moment. Will Primos would have been ready to take that monster bull elk had he been wearing this face mask.

It took Nick and Doug over a year of field testing prototypes and getting feedback from hunters, guides and friends. They worked hard to source the right technical fabrics, design and breathability. The products are truly camo gear created by hunters, For hunters. The team did everything they could to get this product made in America but it just wasn’t meant to be. Doug mortgaged his home and with help from friends and family, Nick and Doug partnered with Conrad to get the product manufactured in a world class New Era headwear factory. Several retailers including Sportsman’s Warehouse and Dunham’s Sports lined up to carry the product. In January 2008, QuikCamo Quality Headwear launched at the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show and was touted as one of the “Best New Products” of the show!

In 2009, Nick’s longtime fears were confirmed when he was formally diagnosed with a rare progressive degenerative disease. Nick passed away in 2019. Doug and his son Kyle continue to run QuikCamo to this day. With several patent pending products, QuikCamo continues to grow.

The last 15 years of business have seen everyday citizens like Kevin Harrington (Investor on Shark Tank), Johnny Unser (NASCAR Racer), Bruce Willis (Hollywood Actor), Steve Miller (Classic Rock Star), and Scottie Pippen (Chicago Bulls NBA Champion) all use QuikCamo to achieve their hunting goals. In the hunting world, people like Jeff Foxworthy and team at Foxworthy Outdoors, Scott and Tiffany Haugen, Bob Coker, Tink, Archie Nesbitt and Kevin Paulson all love their QuikCamo leafy gear. In more recent years, social media hunting influencers have started to QuikCamo. These include Lucas Kincaid @hunting.ontheedge, Jake Sleasman @jake_sleasman_bco, Nikki Knopp @i_b_nikki, Makenzie Reaid @outdoorswomankenzie, Braxton Bostic @bostic98 and more.

Our premium leafy camo gear is perfect for hunters, birdwatchers, wildlife photographers, airsofters and paintballers.

We were the first in the world to make the leafy face mask hats and first to make leafy camo gloves in the USA and first in the world to make them using Mossy Oak Camo.

We were the first ever to make the lightweight stretch fabric “Buffs” in Realtree and Mossy Oak Camo.

Our leafy design is superior in the way it breaks up the human form. It is a copyrighted cut of the leafy fabric that truly disrupts your outline to help keep you from being detected by wildlife and people.

The leafy suit and gloves are made with our unique copyrighted, realistic leaves that are shaped to look and move naturally to blend you into your surroundings.

Our hat/mask is unique because it can be worn like a regular ball cap. Then when you need face concealment, just lift the hat up and the mask falls in front of your face. Other brands have copied our original design (combining the hat with the mask) but utterly failed to make it functional or convertible.

Turkey hunters all over the world choose QuikCamo to keep them concealed when it matters most!

The leafy camo hats with face masks are adjustable from a hat size of 8 down to a youth size. They’re easy to use with binoculars, scopes, cameras, and bows.

Get the complete camouflage concealment package:
1. Leafy Camo Suit
2. Leafy Camo Gloves
3. Leafy Camo Hat w/Built-in Face Mask
We Gotcha Covered. #QuikCamo

It is our hope to continue to innovate, create and market our gear until every hunter needing the ultimate face concealment system is a proud owner of QuikCamo concealment.
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Mission: To design innovative and high quality camo gear that helps create lasting outdoor memories.

Vision: To enhance the outdoorsmen and women’s experience by helping them get up close and personal to wildlife undetected.

Values: Customer First. Quality Gear. No Exceptions.

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