Vet Claim Solutions

United States, Virginia Beach

Vet Claim Solutions (VCS), a veteran-owned company is a coaching and consulting business that assists veterans with filing VA disability claims that can win.

Main Services:

Coaching, Consulting, VA Disability Claims Assistance, Medical Records Review, Claim Strategy, IT Support, Evidence Development, Claim Submission, Claim Filing, Education

Vet Claim Solutions

The mission of VCS is to provide veterans with the tools and support they need to maximize their chance at winning their well deserved VA disability benefits. Submitting a VA disability claim can be a frustrating and challenging experience. That is why VCS is here and we can help.

VCS has developed a framework of best practices that greatly increases the chances of the veteran winning their claim by 50% or greater. In fact, our success rate for every veteran that signs up for our services and submits a claim is a 95% win rate. On top of that the average increase rating for those wins is 35%.

We offer a free no-obligation Consultation Call with one of our Claims Coaches. The role of the Claims Coach is to serve as the primary POC for the veteran. The Claims Coach will work with the veteran and develop a strategy that increases the veterans chance of winning his/her claim. In addition to the Claims Coach, their is an entire team to include admin staff, IT technical support, and medical professionals to also assist the veteran through the claims process.

VCS can assist a veteran wherever they are in the world. We are headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA but have served veterans in nearly every US state and veterans living abroad in Europe, Asia, South America, and on. Our services knows no boundaries.

If you are a veteran and feel you are underrated and or tired of losing your claim don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our Team will fight for your VA benefits and will not stop till you the veteran are satisfied and have maximized your rating.

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