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The NY Insurance Hub Agency was born in 2014 with it’s core value of making insurance a “people business” again. Founder, James O’Brien, having

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auto insurance, homeowners insurance, business insurance, commercial insurance, renters insurance, motorcycle insurance, contractor insurance, general liability insurance, boat insurance, professional liability insurance

NY Insurance Hub

The NY Insurance Hub Agency was born in 2014 with it’s core value of making insurance a “people business” again. Founder, James O’Brien, having 20 plus years in managed healthcare insurance, finance, real estate, and mortgages did not like the path that the auto, home, and business insurance industry was taking. A path of 800 numbers, doing your own insurance online, along with the impersonal and non-educational approach taken by most localized insurance agencies. For the past 7 years, James and his staff have been building relationships with their customers and educating insureds regarding proper liability and property coverages. It is far too often that they encounter insurance prospects with large gaps in coverage, so much so that an unfortunate accident or house fire would be financially devastating to the insured.

An independently owned and operated insurance agency located in New York’s Capital Region, the agency has enhanced product offerings, along with the vision and commitment to servicing a wide range of clients throughout the Capital District and the state of New York.

The agency offers full lines of personal insurance such as home, auto, renter’s, mobile home and motorcycle coverage, and full commercial insurance including business owner’s policy, auto, property, and contractor insurance. An emphasis is made to give extensive education to clients on insurance options and specialties via the agency’s consultations, new website and social media channels.

NY Insurance Hub is a member agency of the Satellite Agency Network (SAN) Group, the leading independent agency alliance in the Northeast. The insurance agency joined SAN Group in 2018, enabling it to offer more products from multiple top carriers and better serve the interests of its clients, while remaining a locally owned independent agency serving all of New York State.

James and his staff are committed to providing the right coverage at the right price, the agency shops dozens of insurance companies to maximize consumer benefit, not the company.

The continued growth of the NY Insurance Hub is a direct reflection of the commitment to give people a personalized experience when it comes to their insurance. According to James, “We spend much more time asking questions, listening, and learning about our customers than what is typical in the industry. People really want to know more about their insurance coverage but have never had anything explained to them. Maybe it’s the online culture or the big business way of doing things, but at the end of the day, the customer is not being served properly in our opinion. But what’s worse, is when the insured is not covered properly because no one took the time to properly help them. We fight tooth and nail every day to make sure that doesn’t happen to our customers or even people requesting an insurance quote for that matter”.

Some may think that providing extra time to customers and in many instances suggesting higher limits on people’s auto, home, and business insurance policies would be costly. In fact, it’s the exact opposite at the NY Insurance Hub. With their market experience, lineup of top regional and national carriers, along with manual quoting approach, in most cases, they are able to give people greater insurance coverage at a lower price than they are currently paying, sometimes significantly lower.

Of course, the extra time spent with current customers and quote shoppers is never charged. James and his staff see this additional time as one of the best parts of their job; learning, relating, and connecting to people. James often says his office is paid back tenfold from their “extended agency family” of customers with a great number of referrals and high retention rate. “Treat people with professionalism, caring, and with their best interests in mind and it all comes back”. Maybe that’s why the NY Insurance Hub’s motto is to “Expect More” from your insurance agency.

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