Navig8 Biz

Australia, Brisbane

Navig8 Biz is a company that was founded with one goal in mind: To help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Main Services:

Coaching, Online Programs, Mentoring, Biz Flix, Bootcamp, Her Transformation Program, Start up to Success, Business Planning Basics, Sales Mastery

Navig8 Biz

Since 2017 when Nick Barnsdall and Joanne Brooks founded Navig8 Biz we have provided guidance for over 10 thousand companies to achieve levels of success they couldn’t imagine.
We believe the future is female. The world needs more women in business, and that’s why we have shifted our focus: “Inspire Women.”
We believe every woman has the power to make her own success story happen – we provide coaching on how best practices like these can help you achieve your goals without roadblocks!
I know what it takes to build a sustainable business because I’ve been there. My 20-plus years as an entrepreneur have given me a depth of experience and knowledge that will help you on your journey too! There are always lessons we can learn – both good ones like when things go smoothly or bad moments where mistakes were made. They all provide us with nuggets of gold to learn from.
When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s not always smooth sailing. There are times when your business may face challenges and difficulties that can be difficult to overcome on their own – but with the right help from people who’ve been there before them- entrepreneurs will find success in no time!
Over my entrepreneurial journey I have enjoyed the success of launching 15 plus companies one of which I grew to $30 million in 2 years, however equally experienced aggressive business takeovers, trademark legal battles, and liquidation. All have provided me with the depth of business experience I want to share with my clients to show them the road that is less rocky.
We offer a range of programs to meet your needs – from free webinars on business best practices and insights into programs, to self-paced mentoring sessions for those who want more individualised attention.
We offer on-demand where you can stream content across all facets. of business at whatever hour works for you on your budget!
One thing is certain: there’s no better time than now to get started with NavigBiz because we’re here 24/7 ready not only to answer some serious questions but help turn your business into the thriving business you always dreamed of.

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