My Pride Store LLC

United States, Portland

My Pride Store is a Trans Woman owned an ran company that specializes in LGBTQIA+ Pride merch. We carry everything from over 125 different Pride flags, to face mask, jewelry, Pride clothing, buttons, housewares, and so much more.

Main Services:

Gay Pride Flags, LGBTQIA Merchandise , Queer Pride Apparel, 3X5 ft Flags, 2x3 Ft Flags, Garden Flags, LGBTQIA Housewares, Patches, Pins and Buttons, Hand held pride flags

My Pride Store LLC

Our founder Andrea Saunders a Proud Transgender woman. Started My Pride Store because once she finally accepted who she truly is and started transitioning It did not take long to find out how expensive it can be. She had a job with what she thought at the time was good insurance but soon found out it was only good if you were cisgender. They have a trans exclusion, which basically means they cover nothing trans related. So she had to find some way to pay for transition. Which is how my pride store was born. We started by buying a button maker and selling buttons on Etsy. It slowly picked up so we added Pride flags to our inventory. We were pouring our love into every package we sent and soon saw the results as My Pride Store began to really take off! She began to understand how much the LGBTQIA+ community cares for each other. The out poring of love and encouragement the community has given has been overwhelming.

As we continue to grow we start to look to the future. Our next goal is to create a safe working environment for LGBTQIA+ members to feel safe and accepted. We have added some amazing team members and hope to keep adding and giving back to this wonderful community.

We hope you will come with us on this journey as we strive to spread LOVE, Acceptance, and Rainbows across the globe.

Make My Pride Store Your Pride Store!

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"I am very new to Diib, but so far what I love about is the ease of use. I look forward to getting to know the platform and how to best utilize it to grow my business."

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