Miskn Clinic – Acne + Skin Experts

Australia, Perth

Mi:skn Clinic has specialised in the treatment of Acne, Scarring, Anti-ageing and other skin conditions.

Main Services:

Acne Treatment, Extractions, Pigmentation Treatment, IPL, Anti-Ageing Treatments, Medik8 Skincare, Dermaviduals Skincare, Zilch Acne Formula , Cosmetic Acupuncture

Miskn Clinic – Acne + Skin Experts

Mi:skn Clinic has specialised in the treatment of Acne, Scarring, Anti-ageing and other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis since 2010. Mi:skn was the first clinic in Perth to offer a fully integrated and holistic service. The team includes Clinic Director, Francesca Perino who specialises in Acupuncture and Skin Diagnosis, a Naturopath and Dermal Therapists. With the protocols developed by the team, along with their Skin:Food cookbook, natural medicines and skincare products the clinic provides a total solution to client’s skin concerns. Francesca Perino is also one of the only acupuncturists in Perth who specialises in Cosmetic Acupuncture which can reduce the signs of ageing as well as treat other skin conditions.

The team at Mi:skn is truly committed to being on the journey to clear skin with their clients. There is no “one size fits all” approach to skin concerns, everyone has different issues that can be causing skin issues, whether they be hormonal, diet, stress, inflammation or medications. Every client has an initial consultation with the clinic’s founder, Francesca Perino, and an individual protocol is developed from that first meeting until the skin is clear. The protocol takes a multifaceted approach and may include a combination of Healite Light Therapy, Professional Extractions, Enzyme Peels, Medi Peels and prescription skincare. The Naturopath is always involved in the skin journey and will prescribe pathology or hormonal tests as required, whilst working on diet, lifestyle, gut health and hormonal health.

Diet is a huge part of the skin puzzle. We eat and influence gut and hormone health and play a role in skin inflammation and repair. Mi:skn has developed a 6-week skin reboot plan for vegans and omnivores. This is a unique collaboration between the clinic and nutritionist Tori Blake. The clinic has worked to provide the perfect meal plan to reboot skin from the inside out and help reach the goal of healthy skin. Designed for busy lifestyles the meals are quicky and easy to prepare, for all cooking abilities.

Mi:skn’s client testimonials demonstrate the success the team have achieved in treating acne, scarring and other conditions. Examples of just a couple of these include:

“The Mi:skn team were just incredible with their understanding, support and care for my skin symptoms. They put together a plan to solve my skin issues and see the results come to fruition has been amazing! Thank you so much, Francesca and team!” – Kimberly Bora

“I came to Mi:skn with intense hormonal acne and within 6 months my skin is practically break-out free and glowing!! I cannot recommend Mi:skn enough as they treat the root cause of the skin problem and couple each treatment with education on how to best care for my skin and the best products to use. I always look forward to my appointments with Kirstin and find I leave every appointment more relaxed than when I entered. Forever grateful for their help and kindness!” – Meghan Nugent

As well as in-clinic services, Mi:skn also has an online store at www.miskn.com where clients can purchase their prescription skincare including Medik8 and Dermaviduals. The clinic runs regular events to educate and inspire clients on the specialities of the team. Francesca is regularly asked to contribute her expertise by the media and has appeared in many publications including Wellbeing Magazine, Nature and Health Magazine, The West Australians, FHM and Vogue Australia.

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