Meat and barbecue catering for events – the Mangalists

Israel, Ramat Gan

Mangalistim Catering is a skilled and specialized company in the field of meat catering and grilling events.

Main Services:

Meat catering, Bbq catering, Catering for small events, Kosher catering

Meat and barbecue catering for events – the Mangalists

The rich experience of the team and the strong reputation we have built over the years are huge advantages.

Our catering services are efficient and professional, and we manage to provide a wide variety of menus suitable for all types of events. Our talent in preparing barbecue and grilled meat is impressive, and this is how the perfect hospitality experience is created for guests and customers.

The skilled team of the Mangalists can handle all types of events and provide a delicious and enjoyable experience for the guests. Our ability to face any challenge and the experience we have gained give our customers the peace they need during the event.

The Manglistim company has five kitchens in every region of the country and can do an event at any level of kosher required, starting with catering in kashrut rabbinics and ada catering in kosher Mahfud Ko Mehdrin. We are planning to do a meat event soon. We want to receive the items and a price quote for the grilled event. All you have to do is contact us and we will send You have a variety of menus to choose from, all of which include everything you need to hold a professional event with elegant presentation, tools for preserving the meat sector, perishable tableware and, of course, professional and skilled staff

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