Gila Repair LLC

United States, Safford

Gila Repair LLC provides automobile repair solutions to the residents of Graham County.

Main Services:

General Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Suspension Repair, Electrical Repair, Air Conditioning Repair, Tune-up, Preventive Maintenance, Leak Repair, No-Start Repair

Gila Repair LLC

Gila Repair is located at 448 E. Yucca Drive in Safford, Arizona.
Gila Repair’s mission is to provide high-quality and honest auto repair at a fair market price. Adding the convenience of scheduled repairs on the customers time-frame. Gila Repair can accommodate virtually anyone’s schedule. They are available on weekends, weekdays, most holidays, morning, noon, and night.
Gila Repair LLC offers the following services:
• General Auto Repair • Oil Change • Brake Repair
• Cooling System Repair • A/C Repair • Check Engine Light
• Suspension Repair • Engine Repair • Electrical Repair
• Fuel System Repair • Tune-up • Fluid Flush/Change
• Leak Repair • No Start Repair • Exhaust Repair
• 4X4 Repair • Vehicle Maintenance • After Hours Repair
• Vehicle Inspection • Transmission Service • Spark Plugs
• Wiper Blades • Preventive Services • Battery Service
• Wheel Bearings /Hubs • Front End Repair • Sensor Replacement
• Scratch Repair • Alarm Removal • Lighting Repair

Gila Repair LLC accepts credit cards, debit cards, and cash. Gila Repair’s work is guaranteed and they offer Worry Free Protection, a 12-month/ 12,000-mile nationwide warranty with emergency roadside assistance on most repairs.

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