Matcha Outlet

United States, Chicago

We are a small family business located near Chicago.

Main Services:

Cucumber and Cilantro Refresher, Matcha, Green Tea Powder, Starbucks Green Tea Latte comparable, Dragon Fruit and Honey Pink Drink, Moon Drop Grapes, Lychee and Jalapeno Purple Drink Refresher, Mongo Pinapple and Honey Refresher Tropical Drink

Matcha Outlet

An e-commerce brand that specializes in selling matcha green tea powder. We offer low-cost products for busy coffee shops as well as individuals that are looking for a healthy and natural drink to make at home.
Our selection of products includes products from culinary grade, latte grade, and ceremonial grade. We source directly from farmers China as well as Japan. Our products are organic and tested for lead, radiation, GMO, pollution, and many other harmful substances. The newest addition is a line of Refreshers that offer a wide range of beautiful colors and flavors from Dragon Fruit and Honey Pink Drink to our popular Cucumber and Cilantro Green Drink Refresher and newest moon Drop Grapes, Lychee and Jalapeno Purple Drink. As a company, we strive to bring to our customers the best quality, natural and healthy, new innovative products that can not be found anywhere else.

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