Your People Partners Ltd

United Kingdom, Bristol

We give business owners of small companies of up to 200 employees a proven recruitment and candidate onboarding framework so they can grow and confidently lead their teams.

Main Services:

Recruitment, Job interviews, Recruitment Training, Recruitment Workshops, Candidate Searches, Headhunting

Your People Partners Ltd

Our key differentiator is that we don’t disappear after the person joins the new company. We support and nurture new employees for the first six months of their new employment. This ensures the honeymoon period of a new job is as stress-free as possible. The business owner and/or hiring manager are also supported to optimise the learning curve. Hence, the new employee is up to speed and enjoying their new job as quickly as possible.

Recruitment is hard, and we make it less difficult for everyone involved.

We understand that the recruitment process can be overwhelming and expensive when done the wrong way.
At Your People Partners, we’ve created a stress-free, cost-effective recruitment process that helps you find the best employees to help your business thrive and grow.

We support and guide hiring managers and business owners worried about making a bad hiring decision. Our expertise and support make our clients confident business owners with a growing team of employees who align with the company’s values and help the business thrive and grow.

Our guarantees are why no other recruitment agency in the UK can match what impact we have on small businesses of up to 200 employees.

Industry-leading ONE YEAR free replacement guarantee.

Our replacement guarantee is four times as long as the industry standard of 12-weeks.

We only work for you.
Other recruiters share CVs with you… and your competitors.
We don’t.
We’re helping you, and only you to grow your business.

By the time you interview, you’ll know the human being behind the CV so well that it’s far less risky to make the right decision.

Stop crossing your fingers when recruiting new employees, and stop hoping it all works out once they join.
We support you with a proven one-year framework to simplify onboarding and optimise the learning curve.

Recruiting candidates requires a lot of work, and if you don’t get a good pool of qualified applicants, you have to start all over again. We’re helping companies cancel that entire process.

Our solution helps them to sift through hundreds of irrelevant applicants to find the “needle in the haystack”, which eases the workflow for their HR departments. We’ll also stick around for the first 6 months, and if our “needle” doesn’t work out, we’ll replace them for free.

I appreciate that the hiring process may not be as time-consuming for you as it is for other HR departments.

But just in case, here’s how we can assist you:

We sift through hundreds of applicants to find the perfect match
We provide communication and support for the first 6 months
We offer a free replacement in the first 6 months (if the candidate doesn’t work out)
We won’t help another company looking for the same candidate

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