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Designing leadership development programmes

Main Services:

Bespoke Leadership Development Programmes , Leadership Connect public programme for individual leaders , Executive Coaching services , 360 feedback plus developmental coaching


The world we work in is becoming more complex by the day. In the increasingly volatile and uncertain business environment, we occupy, there is one thing that we can be absolutely certain of….. agile and purposeful leadership has never been more critical.
The same can be said for leadership development. At Mantle, we specialise in designing leadership development programmes that equip key people at every level in your organisation to face today’s challenges – and to navigate tomorrow’s.

Our transformative, neuroscience-based learning experiences are designed in the most agile, purposeful and scalable way for your organisation and delivered within supportive, dynamic environments that emphasise action and results. This is the case whether the delivery is uniquely designed to be totally virtual or a mix of virtual and face to face; what never changes is the learners’ positive experience in a psychologically safe environment.

Our approach to leadership development is underpinned by proven neuroscience principles and practical learning that bridges the ‘knowing vs doing’ gap.

Together, these strands give your people a unique insight into what drives their own worldview, behaviours and choices – and how these impact the way they lead and the results they achieve – focusing on bringing your whole best self to your leadership role as a priority before you can successfully lead others.

By fostering insight and adaptability, we enable your leaders to better understand their purpose, become more agile, and remain focused, rather than overwhelmed, in an environment where change is ever-present.

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