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Multidisciplinary continuity of care at your side with Homecare Kavacare and Medical Travel Facilitator KavaLink: peace of mind and seamless health journey

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Home Care, Medical Travel Facilitator, Continuity of Care, Medical Escort, Caregiver


There are growing needs for seamless continuity of care from hospital to home, as well as better support system for both patients and their family as well as support system for health care providers in giving their best services for their clients.
Kavacare was born to be part of the solution to ease every client in his/her health journey. Kavacare aims to be the leader and the trendsetter in building a better continuity of care and network in Indonesia and beyond. The founder and cofounder, dr. Eddy Wiria, PhD and Mrs Dea Susanto, BA, MARS are a combination of medical expertise and health care business development expert, with various and abundant experience.
Dr. Eddy Wiria, PhD has developed years of experience as a health practitioner in Indonesia and the Netherlands, as general practitioner in the primary care, in the hospital setting, and chronic care such as geriatric rehabilitation centre and nursing home. He was also a researcher and a project manager in reputable universities (Universitas Indonesia and University of Leiden), a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia. He is, up until now, active as a peer reviewer at various PLOS, BMC, Frontiers journals and more.
Mrs Dea Susanto, BA, MARS was a reputable senior business development in hospital industry with more than 14 years’ experience, including the significant role in planning, operations, business development and procurement. Her passion is to provide and build the best health service for everyone in need.
Kavacare has two main services: homecare services by Homecare Kavacare and Medical Travel Facilitator by KavaLink.
Homecare Kavacare is a pioneer of comprehensive multidisciplinary health at home service in Indonesia, adapted from the system used in The Netherlands, Singapore, and Thailand. Clients will be taken care by case manager and care professional based on their needs. Family of the client will be supported according to the necessity. The multidisciplinary team include nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, psychologist, general practitioners, various specialists (e.g. internist, rehabilitation, paediatrics, acupuncture, neurologist). All visits and services are reported in electronic medical record that to the is linked to national health system.
At Kavacare, every care professional (CarePro) is screened, selected, and encouraged to maintain and improve their skills. They are also trained to understand the client holistically and appreciate the client’s preferences, as part of service excellence.
Hospitals and the specialists can also rely of Kavacare’s services for continuity of care of their patients at home. Homecare Kavacare can be approached to assist post intensive care and post stroke rehabilitation, chronic care for geriatric patients, dementia care, as well as respite care and medical escort. We strive to make sure for the optimal healing process at home after hospitalization. Therefore, it will give peace of mind for both clients and the specialist.
Medical Travel Facilitator KavaLink provides continuity of care for every medical journey. It can be as simple as to get information and option of specialist and hospitals in Indonesia as well as overseas. We are also certified as Medical Travel Professional by Global Health Accreditation. KavaLink can help clients on covering various issues, such as how much is the estimate cost, payment methods, scheduling, follow up care and if needed homecare services for rehabilitation and after care
KavaLink network is covering over one hundred hospitals, ranging from recommended hospitals in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, India, South Korea, Turkey, UAE, China, Australia, and Japan. The best of all is KavaLink comprehensive service bring no additional cost.

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