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When one googles “prolific inventors,” a list of global inventors is shown.

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Tracking Prolific Inventors hyper-locally in a global economy, Inventor celebration, Inventor recognition, USPTO, WIPO, Innovation, Invention


There is no known list of prolific inventors within world cities. is tracking prolific hyperlocal inventors in a worldwide economy. This site aims to celebrate inventors and their ideas. A select few ever get the recognition that they deserve. A vast majority of inventors end up being faceless and voiceless. We celebrate them by giving them podium standings (#1, #2, #3) within their geographies. IDiyas offers an easy way to visualize inventors’ stack rank with others (by volume, specialty, quality, or landscape).

When two or more inventors start to collaborate, many more innovations are born. IDiyas wants to build an engaging forum for inventors to vet ideas, trends, and commercialization in a safe, trusted environment. Less than 2% of all inventors generate 60% plus of all Patents.

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