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FitnessForce helps gym owners collect payments from their members, manage their memberships and club operations using a software solution.

Main Services:

gym management software, white label member mobile app, gym crm, scheduling system, payment processing, billing


We serve Gyms & Studios owners to help them run their fitness center. Our customer’s primary focus is their member experience. From acquiring members (pre sales) to onboarding them (right after sale) to training them. If the member journey from prospect to member and eventually renewal is streamlined, then they can focus on servicing their member and providing them with the results they come to expect. FitnessForce takes care of the entire member journey.

Primarily FitnessForce is an all-in-one solution. A lot of gyms & studios have to work with multiple systems to manage their operations from CRM, Membership Management, Billing & Payment Processing and member mobile app to name a few. FitnessForce brings everything at one place.

Apart from this what our customers tell us –

– Not complex. It’s very simple and a visually appealing system
– Mobile friendly. Gyms / Studio owners & managers like being on the gym/ studio floor and not on desks. Most of the systems they work with do some activities on the mobile but they have to come back to the desktop to take care of other activities. FitnessForce is built from the ground up with a mobile first approach.
– Well priced

Benefits of using FitnessForce –
Improve sales by streamlining sales operations
Reduce excels and multiple logins to different systems using all in one system
Reduce cost with a more cost effective system & lower payment processing fees
Streamline scheduling operations
Better member engagement and retention through system driven automated contextual communications (e.g. a miss you message when the member has not visited the center for x days)
Improve member experience from onboarding to retention by implementing member facing tools like website integration and member app

Our biggest value prop is that FitnessForce is an All-In-One solution
We’re recently receiving feedback from potential customers that being mobile first may be the most important value prop

Because FitnessForce is an all in one solution, it saves several hours every week from having to maintain sheets and verifying data across multiple systems.

FitnessForce’s CRM solution is the best in class system that helps improve sales through smart sales operations & communications. FitnessForce has helped gyms & studios grow new members by 30-35% by implementing tried and tested processes built within the system.

Our competitors cost approx $400-600 for top of the line product with branded mobile app. FitnessForce would be $300-400 with a save of 35-40%

Diib Reviews by our featured members:

"Simple interface and actionable tasks"

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