Experience France (XPF)

France, Paris

Communicating in French through French language holidays for adults, French immersion activities & personal coaching.

Main Services:

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Experience France (XPF)

We offer curated French experiences for people that love France & want to acquire the French language, not in a classroom, but through our unique & personalised immersion plans.

Unlike Traditional Language Schools – We use the proven “natural approach” because nobody learns their first language with grammar, rules & exceptions. We learn by hearing, experiencing & then speaking – only when we’re able to communicate do we learn the rules. This is how we all learn our mother language.

Immersions That Match Your Goals & Budget – Whether you’re looking to dive deep into French history & culture, improve your CV/resume or live in France – we have created programs to match your objectives & your wallet.

XPF is about diving into whatever interests you about France: the food, culture, history, even the ‘quirks’ and using that as your key to unlock the French language & a France that is beyond the clichés, exciting (sometimes frustrating!) and full of new friends and opportunities.

Hear French, Experience French, Speak French!

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