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DuraPaw is a Canadian dog subscription box loaded with enriching toys, delicious treats and fun customized accessories.

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Our dog boxes are designed with enrichment and durability in mind as well as keeping your dog busy! With every monthly delivery, your dog and the mailman will become best friends.

What can you expect inside your first DuraPaw dog subscription box? Each box will contain three to four new toys, a bag of treats made in Canada, and a matching themed accessory. DuraPaw offers both a Puppy Pack and an Ultimate Enrichment Box, depending on how old or big your dog is. If your dog has an allergy to a particular type of treat or doesn’t like a certain toy, your new dog box can be fully customized.

What type of toys will you receive in your DuraPaw dog subscription box? You may receive any of the following in your boxes:
– Plush Dog Toys
– Rope Dog Toys
– Rubber Treat Dispensers and Puzzle Toys
– Nylon Chew Toys
– Dog Lick Mats
– Dog Snuffle Balls and Mats
– Dog Treats

A monthly dog subscription box will provide excellent value for your money. Dog subscription boxes are a great way to get durable toys and fun surprises delivered directly to your door. It is much more convenient than going to your local pet store. Additionally, a dog subscription box will likely include more valuable toys at a lower price.

A great feature of the DuraPaw dog subscription box is the enrichment component. DuraPaw boxes feature high quality dog lick mats that have many health benefits including calming your dog and helping to reduce anxiety. A dog lick mat is a flat mat with grooves and ridges designed for your dog to lick. You can apply your dogs favorite recipe spread into the grooves and freeze the lick mat to add an additional challenge.

As part of the sign up process, you will fill out information about your dog. Details such as the size, gender and birthday of your dog are collected and used to curate a more customized experience. There is also an area to enter any allergies or food preferences your dog may have to ensure those types of proteins or flavors are avoided. If your dog is on a special vet prescribed diet, you can also replace the treats with an additional toy.

Still wondering if a dog subscription box is worth it? Take a look at the below in-depth list of 10 reasons why it is worth every penny!

1. Lots of Value in Each Box
2. Great Variety of Toys
3. Conveniently Skip the Line at the Pet Stores
4. Free Shipping to Your Front Door
5. Fun and Exciting Experience
6. Customize Your Box
7. Unique Toys and Treats (not found in stores)
8. Exciting Monthly Themes
9. Fun Surprises Every Month
10. Guaranteed Toy Replacements

DuraPaw also has an option to buy toys individually from their online toy shop. This allows customers who are not ready to commit to a subscription box a chance to test out some of the toys first.

Having a subscription box for your dog is a really great way to bond with them more. Enjoy the fun monthly surprise with your dog while spending more quality time together. I don’t know who should be more excited, you or your dog!

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