Dublin Mind Clinic

Ireland, Dublin

Psychotherapy, treating any mental health concern and Neurofeedback Training

Main Services:

Psychotherapy , Counselling , Integrative Psychotherapy , CBT , Neurofeedback Training , Couple therapy , Child therapy

Dublin Mind Clinic

At Dublin Mind Clinic, the two primary services we offer are integrative Psychotherapy, treating any mental health concern and Neurofeedback Training, which is a non-invasive way to train your brain(waves). Neurofeedback Training is helping, for example, to ease anxiety.
In Dublin Mind Clinic, we are proud to house two of the three only accredited and board-certified Neurofeedback specialists in Ireland.

Our psychotherapy and counselling approach is integrative, which means that instead of using one specific psychological approach, we integrate theories and their respective interventions from multiple psychological methods. This allows to best accommodate each different client’s needs at each given moment in time.
The first psychotherapy session is FREE of charge, and after that, offered at an affordable rate of 60€ per session.

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