Dresscode502, S.A.

Guatemala, Guatemala

We are one of the first fashion online business in Guatemala.

Main Services:

hoodies, tshirts, sweatshirts, dresses, skirts, blouses, coats, jackets, sweatpants, sweaters

Dresscode502, S.A.

Our main goal is to keep our customers happy, and for them to feel comfortable buying online since it wasn´t something people would do with confidence the year we started the project in our country, we proud our selves by having some of the most spectacular reviews on facebook.com/dresscode502 and in our own site dresscode502.com, this is the result of years focused on giving an excelent customer service, follow up, and products that our customers love, our main purpose is to keep growing and giving Guatemalans a wide selection of our own fashion pics.

Some of the characteristics that sets us appart is the fact that if our customer is not happy with their purchase we do many things for them, since change the product they purchased, if they picked the wrong size we also pick up and change the garment for the correct size, and if for any reason our customer simply is not happy with what they got from us we refund the purchase no questions asked.

Since we started importing our garments from China in the beginning sometimes we did not like the quality of what we got, and of course ended up not offering those clothes, then we decide to start manufacturing our own products and of course making one of our main goals to offer our customers an excelent product, this way making sure they will get a quality product with quality fabrics for an excelent price, always keeping the waranty that if you dont like what you get we would always back you up.

Nominated two times for fashion site of the year award, by the eCommerce Award Institute in Guatemala 2019 and 2022, we are always thinking about our customers and what they want, and we hope to keep doing the best for them.

Our offer is urban street and casual fashion for men and women and our main focus is to have options for your style, we sell hoodies, tshirts, sweat pants, for the more relaxed clients, and also for our more casual customers we have shirts, jackets, coats and sweaters for men and women, dresses, blouses, pants, skirts and accesories, always trying to have beautiful colors and styles, some of our collections we import them from the United States now and the rest we manufacture it in house, and are always looking for new styles and collections online to find out what people are interested in.

Our founder is Antulio Cortez a 42 year old entrepreneur that has always been attracted to the online world, but since it wasn´t that easy to do that in Guatemala he started trying some other ways to sell online in other marketplaces, sell internationally openning companies in the states so we could charge credit cards online, etc, a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in hardware stores business to mobile coffee shops and marketing, but this is his passion, the online world.

One of our goals is to become a platform for small businesses in Guatemala that sell fashion, making an interesting market place for those who want to sell online but just dont know how, giving them the tool to do so.

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