Dominion House

Australia, Sydney

Established in 2005, Dominion House provides product sourcing.

Main Services:

Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Assessment, Contract Negotiation, Contract Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Environmental Audit, Logistics Management, Distribution Management

Dominion  House

Contract manufacturing services with quality management programs. Experienced associates in Asia work with Australian account managers to cut costs and reduce risk for our clients in manufacturing, design and construction.

Work with manufacturing hubs across Asia to cut costs and build resilient supply chains. Apply professional oversight to manage compliance, minimize risk and reduce environmental impact. Strategic analysis of price, service, quality and reliability is combined with local insight and on-the-ground management of suppliers, freight forwarders and certification bodies for measurable results.

Engage Dominion House for:

✓ Direct access to reliable Asian manufacturers
✓ Manufacturing to international standards
✓ Established design, certification and logistics partners
✓ Quality assurance from sampling to final inspection

We provide the following supply chain management services to our clients in manufacturing, design and construction:

• Strategic Sourcing

Dominion House establishes and maintains resilient supply chains out of Asia by managing price, service, quality and reliability. Our clients cut costs and reduce risk by purchasing factory-direct from a well-managed supplier network.

• Supplier Assessment

Onsite inspection and reporting prior to commercial engagement. Dominion House selects suitable manufacturing partners in Asia based on client requirements, such as quality, price and a range of industry and national certifications. Onsite client visits are an option wherever feasible.

• Contract Negotiation

Supplier negotiation to confirm pricing terms, quality standards, lead times and dispute resolution procedures. Dominion House establishes workable frameworks for ongoing cooperation. In select markets clients benefit from pre-configured legal agreements that comply with local laws for maximum protection.

• Contract Manufacturing

Custom manufacturing solutions according to client specifications. Dominion House works with individual or groups of manufacturers in Asia to meet price and quality targets for new product development or modifications to existing product lines, including branding, packaging and certifications.

• Quality Assurance

Quality checklist setup and inspection regime that includes pre-production sampling. Dominion House oversees product quality with ongoing inspections and reports to its clients prior to shipment for peace of mind.

• Environmental Audit

Environmental and ESG certification audits including a detailed assessment of ESG risks, using selected environmental, social and governance certification standards.

• Logistics Management

Advice and coordination, from container packing and Customs compliance to efficient and cost-effective delivery. Working with experienced logistics partners, Dominion House supports its clients to establish and maintain robust and flexible supply chains.

• Distribution Management

From managed storage to international fulfilment. Dominion House supports global distribution for its clients from their Asian supply hubs with accurate freight analysis for delivered unit costs, along with logistics management and tracking.

Dominion House specialises in managed procurement from Asia, working with companies who are currently outsourcing or looking to do so in the future. Production specifications are provided in a format that local suppliers will understand and, because Dominion House project managers are fluent in their language, suppliers feel comfortable contacting them to discuss concerns or questions as they arise.

By engaging Dominion House to take charge of your procurement cycle, you can avoid the risks and stresses of doing business in an unfamiliar environment and feel confident that your needs are being communicated to the supplier effectively and without confusion. Everything is handled in a transparent manner, with invoices paid direct to the factory, and all shipments are required to be inspected and authorised prior to shipping. Dominion House tests against international standards using certified laboratories and can even provide a video report so clients can visually inspect their products prior to shipment.

Outsourcing to Asia may seem intimidating, but reaping the significant cost benefits is well within reach of most organisations as long as they have a sound strategy in place and engage an experienced guide to help them navigate this lucrative landscape.

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