Directions For Wellness

Canada, Wetaskiwin, Camrose and Leduc Alberta

Directions For Wellness Inc. (DFWI) Is A Cost Effective Training Provider Alternative To The Larger Public And Corporate Institutions.

Main Services:

Directions For Wellness

We believe that all individuals should be provided with the opportunity to increase their capabilities. We are dedicated to the promotion of holistic change in peoples’ lives. We focus on both personal and professional aspects in a person’s life so they find success in both areas.

DFWI is a cost effective training provider alternative to the larger Public and Corporate Institutions. Our participants’ successes are enhanced by our ability to focus on quality, professional dedication and the importance of community.

Our leaders, Wayne and Sherri Di Lallo have the skills and experience to lead DFWI to help all people be successful in life. Wayne is in charge of the Career Services and Personal & Professional Development divisions. His background focuses on experience in management; Career training. Wayne’s down to earth, methodical management style has developed many flourishing relationships with government, industry, First Nations and various inter agency colleagues. He has been facilitating, designing, coordinating and administering Career and Personal Development programs since 1990. He has been actively involved in delivering programs with Alberta Works (AW) in Wetaskiwin over the last nine years.

Sherri is head of the Health & Wellness and Aboriginal Services divisions. Sherri received Masters in Nursing from Athabasca University on June 8, 2012. Being Metis, Sherri stuck to her roots by focusing on Aboriginal Health after achieving her BScN in 1997 and she continues to advocate for Women’s Wellness. Her passion has always been to ascertain and provide effective and sufficient health services for all people.

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