Dezine Holdings Limited

United States was born from a website that provided free beginner courses on interior design and decoration.

Main Services:

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Dezine Holdings Limited provides a paid learning option that is undertaken online in an interactive form. It has easy to manage 3 minute lessons with continual quick knowledge checks to review learning as you go. It is priced at an affordable level, well below it’s value as we want to be able to provide the learning opportunity to as many people as possible.

The courses were written by professional interior designers, experts in their field – Chris Brown and Lee Brown, with over 35 years hands on experience and twenty years of online teaching experience, the courses are very relative to the real world of interior design.

The courses have a dashboard so the student can see their progress and it can be learnt on the go using their mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

It is a international business with students from all corners of the world, it is written in simple, easy to understand English language and has loads of photos and examples to see. Many students have English as their second language and have no problems understanding the content.

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