Designs by Dobby

United States, Naples

I don’t know about other companies but when I say I’m in this alone I mean it’s just me myself and I.

Main Services:

Paracord Bracelets, dog collars and leashes, belts, keychains, Lanyards

Designs by Dobby

I make bracelets for modeling to show the customer what they would look like in different weaves and colors. Then when I finally get an order which has been far in between and few I make the bracelet the customer paid for. Exactly how they want it. I then package it in cute little bags and put them in a black or white gift box and then it goes in the shipping envelope. Off to the customer. I don’t have one person close to me who knows how to make these bracelets so in the event I get big I’ll have to step my game up and make more than 11 or 12 an hour I can do now to like 20 am jout. I can do it. I have three young sons I told that when I make it big and start selling bracelets a lot that they’re gonna have to Learn to make them too but they want to get paid. My kids are too smart. I told them $5 per bracelet. They were all game. It’s just my boys and I and love spending time with them With a job I’ll more than likely work at night and to me that’s the most important time to be there for your kids. So hopefully I hit somewhere good with these bracelets it’s possible

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