ChubbyRawit Digital Marketing Agency

Indonesia, Jakarta

ChubbyRawit is a creative digital marketing agency in Jakarta

Main Services:

Branding , Web development , SEO , Search Engine Marketing , Ad buying , Social Media Marketing , Inbound Marketing

ChubbyRawit Digital Marketing Agency

ChubbyRawit is a creative digital marketing agency in Jakarta. We named our agency ChubbyRawit, a wordplay from the word “Cabe Rawit” – a famous Indonesian spice known for its hotness! Just like “Cabe Rawit”, we’ll make sure that your brand’s digital campaigns are HOT and will be a HIT in every aspect! Did we mention we are chubby too?

A HIT IN EVERY BYTE is our promise. It’s not only our tagline but it is manifested in our work with a deep passion for progression and exists to solve challenges for brands we believe in. From planning and implementing digital development strategies to executing full marketing campaigns, we strive for nothing less than excellence in achieving our clients’ goals.

Our team consists of multicultural and multidisciplinary individuals who come together with a focused mission: to create soulful brands in the digital land and have fun while at it. Our passion in digital marketing is unquestionable and we’re always learning new strategies to implement on the next campaign.

Our vision to create a better digital landscape for businesses in Indonesia has guided us well and we serve from small to medium businesses as well as large enterprises. Our mission, Global Domination! Interested?

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