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Blog that is dedicated towards spiritual development and the evolution of consciousness

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Child of Creation

We are a blog that is dedicated towards spiritual development and the evolution of consciousness. We serve the Mother Earth in her effort to finally move onto her higher octave of being. Everything shifts in these times. The greatest of revelation is yet to be revealed. Ascension in this time will provide humans with the opportunity for so much more than we would have imagined.

Our website features the work of Austin N Miles. His spiritual literary is purposed to serve the raising of consciousness here in this realm. As the collective consciousness is exploring these ideas more and more such as spiritual development, meditation, manifestation, the law of attraction, energy & light work and more, we provide an oasis of spiritual literary all focused on rising up readers in knowledge of the spirit and heart. As you practice and apply what’s provided you WILL increase in vibration and consciousness.

We also provide a free spiritual training email course when visitors sign up with their email. This course features our understanding and training on meditation, prayer, dreams and other spiritual tools to lighten the spirit, raise consciousness, feed the light body and help shift you into your higher resonating reality with 5D Mother Earth.

Master the Mind and Calm the Spirit. Awaken your Divine Presence with Rev. Austin N Miles and the Child of

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