ChartMill was founded in 2008/2009 and has since grown into a solid financial analysis tool for the American, European and Canadian markets.

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Currently we monitor more than 22500 shares on a daily basis. In depth screening and analysis is possible on both a fundamental and technical basis with our own technical and fundamental rating system. The software allows you to accurately search for stocks and ETFs that meet your set criteria.

The people behind ChartMill have been actively involved in investing themselves for many years, and that experience offers a great advantage when developing a screener. In theory, a screener seems quite simple. You just process a whole bunch of data for which you provide some filtering possibilities. But the reality is completely different. You can provide thousands of technical and fundamental filters but they must also have some practical use of course. Not the filtering possibilities in itself but the added value for those who use the screener should be the focus.

When we started developing the screener in 2008, our main premise was that it should effectively add value when searching for stocks and analyzing them. Our experience at that time was that we never fully succeeded with the screeners that existed at the time.

Anyone who invests himself will undoubtedly know that searching the large pond of shares can be a very time-consuming activity. Saving time was one of our main motives to develop our own screener. A screener allows you to work much more efficiently and objectively as a result of which the outcome is much more in line with what you initially had in mind. It also prevents you from being satisfied too quickly during a manual search with stocks that ‘more or less’ match.

Quality will always be our primary concern. Every day we receive questions to include specific markets or just to ad that one filter and of course we understand all these individual questions but choices have to be made. ChartMill has a considerable group of loyal users. This is primarily due to the fact that the quality of the screener comes first, not by haphazardly adding bells and whistles that hardly help anyone.

To continue to grow that group, we will make deliberate and focused decisions, both in terms of expanding the capabilities and continuously improving and adapting existing screens.

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"- easy to use - well arranged dashboard - the goals are motivational to get to work with"

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