Melt My Scents Independent Scentsy Consultant

United States, Swansboro

Anna Blais has been a scentsy consultant for 15 years.

Main Services:

Warmers, Wax, Defusers, Air purifiers, Scentsy buddies, Body wash

Melt My Scents Independent Scentsy Consultant

Moving to different locations with her husband who’s spent the last 20 years in the Marine Corps, she strives to provide the best customer service by helping choose what’s best for the customer in terms of wickless candles, scents, and other scentsy products.

She strives to support her local community with fundraisers and events. Several fundraisers have gone to help the swansboro softball and baseball association, Swansboro high school band, and to help others with medical needs.

She began her scentsy journey with a 5 month old, her goal was to be a stay at home mom while still providing to the house hold. She strives to share the opportunity with others who wish to stay home with their children or those who want to be their own boss.

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