Australia, Sydney

Ceeb Wassermann is a highly experienced jeweller, based in Sydney, Australia.

Main Services:

Jeweller. I will remodel jewellery that you don\u2019t wear anymore or pieces that were given to you that you may want to modernise so that you can wear it\/them rather than have them stay in a box. We also hand make our pieces as well as use CAD for some components occasionally.


She is influenced by her extensive gold & silversmith training, which she has undertaken in Australia, Germany and Switzerland.

Ceeb was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to a Japanese mother and German father, and moved to several places in Europe throughout her life including West Berlin before the Berlin Wall was pulled down. After travelling the world in search of inspiration and adventure, Ceeb found her way to Sydney and resides here with her family.

During her travels, Ceeb developed a strong appreciation and passion for nature and environmental preservation. She places high importance on ensuring that her materials are ethically sourced and her carbon footprint is small.

After years of exploring her artistic identity, Ceeb now brings elements of her Japanese heritage into her designs. As you explore her pieces, you’ll be sure to find cherry blossom or sakura flowers, and Japanese Samurai family crests, or “Kamon”.

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