Bulldog Professional Inspection Services

United States, Kansas City, MO

In business since 2003, our proprietary MaxInspect™ home inspection process not only checks 100% of the items we can see, touch, and test (about 2000 items in the average home).

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Bulldog Professional Inspection Services

It includes all the best practices world-class home inspectors employ to uncover problems that are hiding above ceilings, inside walls, under floors, and behind personal storage itemes.

10 Reasons we’re your best home inspection choice in Kansas City:

1. Your home will be personally inspected by the owner (not an amateur, apprentice, or employee) who brings the patience and understanding of someone who has worked with all types of buyers with various experience buying and selling homes (from first-time buyers to seasoned real estate investors).

2. The wisdom, experience, and intuition of someone who has personally inspected more than 14,000 Kansas City area homes since 2003. This means your home will be facing some who has personally uncovered tens-of-thousands defects in homes of all types, sizes, ages, and areas (and we get better every year). There will be no guesswork or misunderstandings. You’ll know what you’re buying when it’s over.

3. Personal help strategizing your next move based on your expectations, the defects found, and how much room you have to negotiate (if any) with your sellers. This way you leave knowing where to go from there.

4. Honest and no-nonsense discussions at the end of your inspection about the 5 major areas that scare people away (this keeps you focused on the things that really matter). Our opinions will always be honest, straightforward, and based on actual experience.

5. An open Q&A session to answer all your questions and concerns at the end of your home inspection.

6. Your digital home inspection report will be delivered later that same-day and include enhanced photos of all important defects so you see the condition with your own eyes.

7. Your report will be written using plain language my mom would understand (love you, mom) so it will be easy for you – and anyone else – to read.

8. We use a proprietary 10key™ Comment method to judge each defect.

As a Certified Master Inspector®, Steve asks himself 10 key questions for each defect he finds.

He does this to make sure you know what he knows and understand the full scope and impact it has on the home. This includes: what is the problem, what may have caused it, have there been past repairs, what will happen if it’s ignored, is it a major concern, what we recommend, is it damaging other areas, and more.

Not every issue deserves this kind of detail (some are small and obvious), but when it’s a major defect with the potential to make you doubt the home and cancel the contract, having the answers to all the important questions helps YOU decide quickly – and without much doubt – if it’s still the home you want to buy – or walk away and keep looking.

9. FREE cool gifts every homeowner needs.

– The 2023 Cost Estimates Guide
– The 2023 Building Materials Lifespan Guide
– Home Maintenance For Dummies – 2nd Edition
– Free Membership into the HomeWizard monthly enewsletter

10. Follow-up after your home inspection.

We wrap things up nicely with a quick phone call to make sure you got your report as promised, answer any questions you may have after reading it, and make sure you are happy with our service.

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