Roti Express London

United Kingdom, Harrow

Roti Express provides tasty roti with variety and Samosa with variety.

Main Services:

vegetarian, Indian Takeaway, tiffin service, affordable, Cream cheese Roti, Veg kebab roti roll, Omelette Roti, Veg samosa, Special tea, weekly tiffin

Roti Express London

We make tasty special chai, Ginger lemon tea and Green tea.
we offer Roti, Samosa, Tea, Dessert, Beverage.

The tiffin service we provide is tasty, unique, affordable and easy for the customer as we deliver it to their home.
Our style is Indian Punjabi style and our main chef is good in making the food mouth watering to crave to come back.
The tiffin service is just £7 with delivery for a day. £50 for weekly and a nominal delivery price.
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