Benjamin Ball Associates – Presentation Skills Training

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Award-winning presentation skills training business. Specialists in improving investor and financial presentations

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Benjamin Ball Associates – Presentation Skills Training

Award-winning presentation skills training business
Specialists in improving investor and financial presentations

We help clients to pitch, present & persuade. We do this through presentation coaching, pitch coaching and investor presentation advice.

Over the last 10+ years the award-winning BBA team has supported thousands of executives globally to present powerfully. We have a robust toolbox of techniques that we apply to help our clients become clear, confident communicators.

We’ll help you create a powerful first impression that hooks and engages your audience immediately and we’ll coach you to deliver clearly, confidently and with impact.

When we started, 10 years ago, we had a simple goal of being the best presentation training company, helping asset managers & firms improve their pitches, talks and presentations.

Now, we have become the go-to experts for improving investor presentations and senior management communication skills. Much of our work is in asset management, financial services and particularly private equity.

Our team stands out because we have relevant backgrounds – having worked in corporate finance, stockbroking, journalism and PR (no actors or career trainers here.)

Clients tell us they keep using us because they get expert advice, practical help and fast results.

And they tell us that we deliver incredibly good value for money.
A stand out presentation training team
What sets us apart is our pragmatic approach.
This means we rapidly get to the heart of any presenting or pitching issue – and you see quick results. For example, one hour online training over Zoom might be all you need to polish a pitch.

Our team stands out because we have relevant backgrounds – having worked in corporate finance, stockbroking, journalism and PR.

Clients tell us they keep using us for presentation training and pitch coaching because they get expert advice, practical help and fast results.

And they tell us that our best presentation training delivers amazing value for money.

Happy long-term training clients including Preqin, Permira, AXA, Microsoft, ECI, HSBC, Societie Generale and many many smaller firms.

Award-winning training team
1. Bespoke coaching and advice
2. Professionals who understand asset management, finance & communications
3. Immediate improvements and lasting results

Benjamin Ball Associates won ‘Best for Investor Presentation Coaching – UK’ in the Alternative Investment Awards.

Meet the coaching team

You will work with some of the best presentation advisors, trainers and coaches in Europe, including Paul Farrow, David Bond, Benjamin Ball, Alexandra von Holzing, James Philips and Jane Renton.

Experts in Financial and Investor Presentation Coaching

We are real experts in improving financial and investor presentations. Much of our training and advice is in asset management, financial services and particularly private equity.

We are also exceptionally good at improving presentation skills and public speaking skills. Many clients value our media training too.

We run both in-house training programmes and individual coaching / advice for specific events. (But not open courses.)

For example, we regularly help PE firms prepare compelling investment pitches, we coach teams for capital market days and investor days, and we have coached thousands of senior executives how to present and speak in public persuasively.

Generally our clients come to us with a problem and we help them fix it.

Business Presentation Coaching

Public Speaking Skills Training

Persuasive financial presentations

If you want to work with the best coaches and trainers to improve how you pitch and persuade, you have come to the right place. Let us support you with our award-winning pitch and business presentation coaching – online & offline.

Here, you’ll can get the advice you need to become a confident, compelling communicator.
For 10+ years asset managers, PE firms and businesses have relied on us to transform investor pitches, business presentations and talks.

That’s because you get expert presentation coaching and valuable advice. We work to your agenda.

If you need to make an impact with investors, clients or colleagues, we can help. Call today +44 20 7018 0922. You’ll get the best coaching and advice.

Transform your investor pitch and presentation

Improve your investor pitch and investor presentations with coaching

When you pitch to investors you get one chance to impress. Make sure your investor pitch is on top form with investor pitch coaching.

You’ll benefit from the 10+ years we have been supporting private equity firms, businesses and asset managers.

“BBA worked with me on a major pitch to investors… we secured not one but two investments in the space of 10 days! … Thank you.”

Amelia Morgan CEO, Venture Trust

Powerful executive speaker coaching online

If you are a senior executive, you will benefit from tailored business presentation coaching online.

Get support from experts so that you achieve the results you want from your talks, meeting and presentations. You’ll be amazed by the difference a couple of hours coaching can make.
Work with our executive speaker coaches for expert online presentation coaching and advice.

“Transformed both the quality of my content and the effectiveness of my delivery. I highly recommend BBA.”

Martin Legault VP and General Manager, National Bank of Canada

Improve your pitch deck consulting

One of most values services is writing pitch decks. We have a team of pitch deck writers and designers who work on creating and improving investor pitch decks.

We regularly create pitch decks for private equity firms, venture capital firms and private companies. We also regularly support public companies with their annual investor days. This involves editing investor presentations and coaching management teams.

Rapid online coaching for groups and teams

Better investor presentations with coaching
If you are looking for in-company online business presentation coaching and training – you are in the right place.

Working online, training via Zoom, MS Teams etc, clients have relied on us for years to help them improve presentation skills, pitching skills, public speaking and dealing with the media.

We are told that we stand out from the competition with our presentation training because our results are personalised, fast and long-lasting. Feel good, look good, do good.

“We have worked with BBA for 10 years throughout the Nordics. Together with us, they help bring out the best in our clients. Great coaching makes a real difference when preparing for a capital markets day or results presentation”.

Jane-Astrid More, CEO, SPC-IR


Powerful Presentations – Tailored training for confident compelling communications

When you need to make a presentation, you want be fully prepared. You want a talk that engages your audience and visual aids that bring your story to life. The best talks make your audience feel good, and guide them toward the decision that you want.

Who Is This For?

An important communication deserves careful thought. What you are going to say, and how you say it, are equally important. But crafting your messages and the structure of your presentation will account for most of your preparation time.

To help you create, write and rehearse your presentations we help you re-examine how you approach each talk and how you put together your presentations.

Whether you want advice creating a specific presentation, or want to build skills in your team to improve all your presentations, we can help. Each programme is developed to address your exact business needs.

What Benefits Will You Get?

Clients who benefit from our services range from global law firms to FTSE100 organisations; from fund managers to small private companies.

Benefits from our coaching include:

• More compelling, confident presentations
• More persuasive arguments
• Better engagement with your audience

After working with us you will see immediate and lasting improvements.

What Makes Us Different

Four things:

1) Expert trainers
2) Programmes tailored for you
3) Practical no-nonsense approach
4) Immediate long lasting improvement

That’s why some of the most successful companies use us.

Who is Benjamin Ball Associates?

Benjamin Ball Associates is a team of presentation experts, speech writers and trainers. Leading companies use Benjamin Ball Associates to improve their pitches, presentation, and persuasive skills.

This is because of the value we add and our expertise in creating compelling confident presentations and performances.

The team includes senior executives with many years of working in organizations.

Your training is tailored to your exact business needs. No two assignments are the same. Whether you need a single intensive half-day or a long-running international training programme, we can help.

We work where and when you need us. It all depends what you want and how we can best help you.

What Our Clients Say

Contributed directly to new business
Michelle Elstein, Olswang LLP

Moved presentation into a different league
Liz Warner, Betty TV

Definitely use again and highly recommended
Nick Rogers, CEO, IPSO Ventures plc

At Benjamin Ball Associates your get valuable coaching, training and advice to help you become a more effective presenter.

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