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Zoyya is a services marketplace

Main Services:

Online booking, appointment management, employee schedule, SMS reminders, e-mail reminders, reporting


Zoyya is a services marketplace for the new generation.
Today, we can buy almost anything online, from food and clothes to electronics and cars. New marketplaces are emerging every day, offering us a variety of options for buying goods. But when it comes to services, our options are very limited and, in some markets, nonexistent. The service providing industry is one of the last verticals that still hasn’t been digitized.
Zoyya’s mission is to become a widely adopted marketplace for services where end customers can search for local service providers and easily book appointments online, any time of the day.
This includes wellness and spa centres, hair & beauty salons, sport and fitness centres, health clinics, repair shops and many, many more. In fact, any service provider whose business is based on appointment can use Zoyya and be listed on the public marketplace.
Remember the last time you had to call your hairdresser to book an appointment? This likely involved googling to find the phone number during your working hours, waiting for the hairdresser to stop drying the hair of the customer in the salon and pick up the phone, going back and forth with dates and times until you find a slot that works, and writing down the date and time on a piece of paper or in your calendar so you don’t forget about the appointment.
This system is very inefficient as it involves calling services providers during working hours, when most of us are working too, and doesn’t offer easy rebooking or automatic reminders which most of us are used to these days.
This is especially true for the new generation, which is used to having everything available on their mobile phones. Our research shows that millennials and generation Z would rather not get their hair & nails done than call the service provider on the phone.
For the service providers, appointment booking usually involves interrupting the service their providing to the customer to pick up the phone or paying for a receptionist to handle incoming phone calls. Some service providers even require their employees to take the order book home with them, which results in frustrated employees who need to answer text messages and phone calls during their off-hours.
In addition, the biggest pain for the service providers is no-shows, when customers forget to show up for the appointment or cancel in advance. This is causing them direct and high cost, which they don’t know how to solve with traditional booking options.
Zoyya is offering a solution for both the end customers and the service providers.
For end customers, Zoyya has a public marketplace for searching service providers in the region grouped by category, booking appointments any time of the day and seeing all the appointments with all service providers in the same app. No more searching in the email inbox, calendars, paper notes or various apps to know when you have your doctor’s, hairdresser or bank appointment. Now it’s all available in one central place, in Zoyya’s web and mobile apps.
For service providers, Zoyya offers extra exposure on the public marketplace and new customers coming in from other industries. For example, customers of a popular hair salon will now see all the beauty salons in the region that are using Zoyya and be inclined to easily book an appointment with them.
Service providers also get backoffice web, desktop and mobile apps with advanced tools for appointment management.
Most importantly, service providers will solve their biggest pain point, eliminate service interruptions and highly reduce customer no-shows and costs.

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